Ad:Tech New York Summary



We can hardly believe it, but It’s been almost 2 weeks since our very first exhibition at ad:tech New York! Now that we’re somewhat rested and recovered, we wanted to share some of our many learning experiences with you. But don’t worry – it’s not going to be a bunch of boring statistics. This amazing expo was host to almost 10 000 visitors, and probably the best place in the world to learn about email marketers’ challenges, goals, and innovations. And that is what we will be writing about!


The first thing we noticed was that email marketing was extremely popular. The GetResponse booth was packed with people all the time – which of course made us very happy!  But after spending long hours chatting with hundreds of visitors about email marketing, we realized that they could all be divided into two groups. One group was those prospects crazy to hear about top-notch features like video emails, social media integration, and GetResponse for iPhone application. They followed the latest email marketing trends and wanted to communicate with subscribers using the most popular online channels – before the competition figured it out!  That’s what excites us as well so we enjoyed talking to that group!


But the second group was the complete opposite; let’s call them the “back to basics” group. They asked more “technical” questions and were especially interested in GetResponse’s deliverability performance. How do we check for blacklisting? Do we provide unique IP addresses? How do we handle and report bounces and so on…


We realized that perhaps we take GetResponse’s superior deliverability for granted – and that not every ESP out there provides that level of service. It reminded us that, as fast as email marketing is evolving and integrating with other communications platforms, the basics never change. All the bells and whistles in the world won’t matter is your messages don’t make it into prospects’ inboxes! Sure, it’s not cool, or revolutionary, and it’s definitely not rocket science, but deliverability is one of the most critical services an ESP can provide. So I guess you could say the team left ad:tech feeling proud of GetResponse and our newest release – and with a renewed respect for  “the basics”. That’s a win-win in our book!

  • Lauren Trimarchi

    I visit your website practically everyday and i like what are you doing with it. Many intresting reports on lots of hot topics and tendencies also, you have skills at writing. I always learn new things with the help of this blog and for that i will thank you with all my heart. Keep up this amazing work that you’re working at. Bye!