All-Seeing Email Intelligence & New Dashboard


So, the time has come. After weeks of beta testing (thanks for your feedback!) we’re proud to announce the launch of an analytics enhancement that’s so good we decided to call it the All-Seeing Email Intelligence. AND, finally, a new dashboard, complete with all the features you’ve been missing.


With valuable feedback from you during beta tests, we’ve created a tool we’re certain will prove to be the most revolutionary, in-depth email analytics in the industry.

Get ready for greater insights into your campaigns and subscriber behavior as you see the big picture and more details than you can imagine – all to help you make accurate business decisions faster and run email campaigns more effectively.

But those are just nice-sounding words. Here are (briefly for now) the facts on what you can do with the smart Email Intelligence, inside your GetResponse account.


Metrics over time


With the new analytics, you’ll see at what time your subscribers opened or clicked in your emails.

For future campaigns, you’ll be able to tell what time of day is the most effective to send out your newsletters. To get the best results, you can segment your list and deliver messages on a schedule based on the time-of-day preference of your readers.


One-Click Segmentation


In the analytics tab, you can group subscribers based on actions taken in previous messages – whether they opened, clicked or didn’t open your message.

You’ll be able to send additional relevant content to those who open or click your message, to get additional conversions.

Equally important, you’ll be able to single out hard-to-engage subscribers and send them an offer they can’t refuse.



Interactive Graphs


Transform your data into crystal-clear bar charts, line charts, or pie charts. They’ll give you a better understanding of all the available message metrics.




Two-Message Comparisons


You can compare the results of two messages and find out which one performed better.

Compare opens, clicks, unsubscribes and conversions for a clear picture of what works best for your audience.



Website Conversion Metrics


Track and measure how your email campaigns convert on your website to determine your real email ROI.

All you’ll have to do is install a tiny tracking code on your website with one click and let GetResponse track the number of sales, sign ups, downloads or visits that arrive via a link from an email campaign.


Follow-Up Statistics


We know you’ve been waiting for this. You can now easily compare the results of your follow-up messages in a cycle and see which ones performed best.

A single chart lets you identify the weak points quickly and easily, so you can tweak individual messages for better performance.


Report Scheduling


Set up automated reports to be delivered via email on a regular basis, to always keep your finger on the pulse of your email campaigns.


Bounce Stats


Find out how many of your emails bounced and why. The pie charts will make it easy to keep your list clean and productive.



Unsubscribe Reports


GetResponse collects feedback from subscribers on why they opted out from your newsletters and presents it on a chart.

This is valuable information that points to changes you can make to improve the performance of your campaigns.



More to Follow

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll publish more posts with examples of how you can make the most of the new analytics tool and use the vast amount of knowledge that’s waiting for you right in your GetResponse account.


And That’s Not All

There’s one more significant enhancement. It’s actually the first thing you’ll notice when you log in to your account today: the new dashboard.


In addition to a brand-new look, the dashboard is now easy to customize to suit the needs of both newbies and experienced email marketers. And you have the final say on what it will look like in your account.



With the new version of the dashboard you can:


  • Add and view subscriber statistics from up to 8 selected campaigns. Handy tooltips will show you how new contacts subscribed.
  • Add up to 5 custom statistics reports for a quick reading on the performance of your newsletters.
  • New users now find a 3-step interactive guide to get them started with their email campaigns. Once two of the steps have been completed, they are replaced by 4 buttons for fast access to account features.


Note that the old version of the dashboard will still be available at the touch of a switch until the end of this year.


Be sure to let us know what you think and how you’ll be using the new features in GetResponse. And stay tuned for the next posts, where we’ll get into some really interesting details. 🙂