Are You Geared Up for Cyber Monday?


Did you know that, according to research, the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend will be the most profitable day of the year for online retailers? Looks like an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.



Let’s take a quick look at a few statistics first:

  • eMarketer projects that holiday ecommerce sales will grow 16.8% to an estimated $46.7 billion this year.
  • According to Bizrate Insights and Forrester Research Online Retail Holiday Survey, 83% of consumers claim they prefer to shop online during Thanksgiving weekend to avoid crowds.
  • Consumers are more likely to buy on impulse on Cyber Monday (as opposed to Black Friday, when they are much more likely to plan their purchases a week in advance), says a case study by Listen Logic
  • According to data from Marin Software’s 2011 Online Marketer’s Guide for the Holidays, during the 2010 holiday shopping season Cyber Monday (Nov 29, 2010) topped the list in paid search conversions, accounting for 26% of holiday conversion volume, followed by Black Friday (Nov 26) with 23%.


… and so on.

Taking all this (and much more you can find just by googling “Cyber Monday”) into consideration, Cyber Monday looks like the biggest retail email day of the year. And as it’s just round the corner, now’s the time to prepare Cyber Monday offers for your customers.

Now, to see how your holiday campaigns perform this year and to make sure they’re successful, you have a great resource right in your GetResponse accounts – Email Intelligence. So here are just a few ways you can use it to make your holiday campaigns successful.


When to send…

Cyber Monday promises to be a “battle for the inboxes.” You need to be prepared, so you may want to send your newsletters on Sunday.

I know it’s not the most popular day for email marketers, but a growing number have already decided to send emails on Sunday afternoon/evening when there is a good chance emails will be opened.

The thing that might help is the fact that with GetResponse Email Analytics, you can now find out what time of day your subscribers are most likely to open and respond to your emails. So better start gathering information now.

If you segment your list according to the time opened, you can be sure you’re sending your emails at the right time of the day.


An easy way to maximize conversions …

With crowded inboxes, your email may still get opened. But if the content isn’t compelling enough, recipients may not be motivated to click and find out what your offer is all about. So, something got their attention and engaged them, but some other factor caused them to hesitate long enough to drop your offer.

Next time, try to sustain their attention and encourage them to click through to your site. Tweak the content, tinker with the call-to-action, change the subject line, and send your campaign again to those who opened the email.

And (of course ;)) with the new analytics in GetResponse it’s now really easy to click-and-send to those subscribers who didn’t click a link inside your emails or didn’t open them at all.


Measure conversions, not just clicks

If you’re running a retail campaign, this is probably what interests you most. How many people bought the products you promoted? How many downloaded the e-book?

With some preparation, you can check this in email analytics.

You’ll need to set up goals in your campaigns first. Then GetResponse will track subscriber actions and report purchases that come from an email link.

In other words – monitor the results.


Don’t forget the basics

And to get best results, as always, pay special attention to:

  • your subject line – you really need to stand out in those inboxes on Cyber Monday
  • creating buzz in social media – make sure you’re there for all those impulse buyers
  • relevant and engaging content. Need I say more?
  • your deliverability – make sure you reach all of your subscribers. Keeping our infographic handy?


It’s more than a one-day event

Cyber Monday is just the beginning. Holiday sales typically continue to climb until shipping deadlines. Make sure you prepare a steady stream of email offers throughout the season.

And don’t be afraid of big-ticket offers. Shoppers are value conscious – true – but they also want to demonstrate their generosity.

Last-minute shoppers can acquire a state of mind that sounds like, “Give me anything, as long as it’s expensive!” You owe it to them to provide an opportunity for them to spend some big bucks. 😉


What else can you do?

We hope you’re prepared for a successful Cyber Monday campaign. (To make sure, check yourself with our Email Success Tester).

This week we’ll be bringing you more detailed information on what you can, and in fact should, measure in your email campaigns with our Email Intelligence. So stay tuned.


Our Cyber Monday offer

And while we’re at it, watch your inboxes this week for a newsletter from GetResponse, as we too will have a promotion on Cyber Monday.

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So, have you been running Cyber Monday promotions? How successful were they? Share your experiences with us in the comments.