Audio in confirmation emails – beta option by

As you all know, the team loves thinking of ways to make GetResponse easier, faster, and more functional for you! This time we’ve decided to give you a new feature which will not only make your email marketing campaigns more effective, it will be a nice surprise for your audiences as well!

Starting today, you can set up a confirmation mail that is guaranteed to impress your new subscribers! You now have a fast and easy way to create confirmation emails with audio files in which you deliver a friendly, personalized greeting or invitation.

And don’t worry about learning anything new! We designed it so you can upload audio files straight from your GetResponse Multimedia Studio account, or record your audio greeting just before adding it to your confirmation email. Easy, right?!

Last but not least! We’re offering Confirmation Audio as a beta option, because we’d really like to know if you like it and find it useful for your business. So please, use this new feature and leave us your opinions, and any suggestions or ideas on how we can improve it!

  • I’d like to test this, _sounds_ great.

    I hope that option will be activated in the dashboard for me…

  • I love that you can record your audio greeting just before adding it to your confirmation email. That is a cool feature! Thanks!

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