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Abby Hehemann

As a Product Marketing Manager at GetResponse, Abby is responsible for spreading the word about GetResponse features. Her passion is finding new ways to put GetResponse to work for your business. You can tweet her at @GetResponseAbby Connect with Abby on LinkedIn .

Articles by Abby:

Grow Your List from Day One with the GetResponse List Building Program

Growing your contact list got you stumped? Maybe you have an email list already, but it’s getting stale, and you’re losing contacts through unsubscribes and bounces? No matter your level of list building or online marketing experience, establishing and then continuing to grow your contact list is an unavoidable factor in growing and maintaining your […]

Ready to Automate Your CRM Pipeline? Try Our New Automation Elements and Templates!

Marketing automation is excellent at helping you trigger messages and automate engagement tracking. CRM is all about optimizing the way you manage your interactions with prospects and customers. And you can now enjoy the power of marketing automation and the effectiveness of CRM combined through a new suite of GetResponse Marketing Automation CRM-specific elements and […]

GetResponse Action-Based Autoresponders Evolve into Marketing Automation

Marketing automation doesn’t have to be as elusive as it sounds. In fact, you’ve likely been using some form of marketing automation for years! Particularly if you’ve used the action-based autoresponder message functionality in your GetResponse account. Reacting to subscriber behavior and data has long been possible with GetResponse, but thanks to marketing automation, it […]

Video Guides to Jumpstart Your Marketing Automation Journey

Not sure how you should start using marketing automation? Start simple! Marketing automation doesn’t have to be a large-scale endeavor. It’s all about sending highly-targeted messages to your subscribers, based on their data or behavior. And GetResponse Marketing Automation is all about making such technology available to everyone – not just those with huge marketing […]

Your GetResponse Webinars – Now Mobile!

More and more, people are stepping away from their desks and removing the chains a desktop computer or even a laptop once kept tightly wound around them. Reaching an audience, no matter the device or method they prefer, is key to gaining and keeping their attention. This is now more true than ever for your […]