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Aga Dabrowska

Aga is Brand Manager for GetResponse. She oversees the brand communication strategy and is responsible for creating marketing strategies for the growing GetResponse customer base. Follow her on Twitter @agidabrowska. 

Articles by Aga:

Thank Your Subscribers For Signing Up

Generating leads and collecting subscribers to your newsletter campaigns is crucial to your business success. But sometimes we put so much effort into important tasks like creating sign up forms, strategic follow up campaigns and targeted content for welcome messages, that we totally forget something equally important – saying „thank you” to our new subscribers.

Back to the Basics: Who is your target market?

Like it or not, there always comes a time when you need to advertise. Be it by email, newspapers, magazines, online, billboards, whatever channels you think might reach your audience. Then you just buy the media, craft the message and design, and there it is – your ad. What’s worrisome is that ads are usually […]

Back to Basics

I keep hearing about Social Media Marketing. It’s on everyone’s lips, this new industry hype. Heck, when did ole’ good marketing evolve in a manner where it always needs to be “labeled” and categorized? Why even think about treating communication channels as competing platforms rather than as what they actually are – complementary ways to reach […]

GetResponse 6.0 Social Media Competition

To celebrate the launch of GetResponse 6.0 and the exciting new Twitter integration, we’re going to reward the first 30 customers who either upgrade or purchase GetResponse 6.0. To enter this competition, you need to do three simple things: Upgrade or purchase GetResponse 6.0. Become a fan or follow us on either of our social […]

Meet the Team – Daniel, GetResponse Product Manager

Welcome to the second installment of Meet the Team! Today we’d like to introduce you to Daniel Brzeziński, the Product Manager for GetResponse. Daniel is fluent in the latest Internet and social media marketing techniques and applications and is a major force behind the improved ease of use and interactive features of GetResponse 6.0. Daniel […]