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Irek Klimczak

Irek Klimczak is Content Marketing Expert at GetResponse. He is passionate about creating valuable and engaging content for all customers. You can find @irekklimczak on Twitter, he’s always eager to advise on email marketing strategies that bring results.

Articles by Irek:

Closing The Gap Between Your Online And Brick-And-Mortar Store With Marketing Automation

Is it possible to use marketing automation to drive revenue of a traditional offline business? It sure is! In fact, marketing automation allows you to go beyond a one-time purchase and build long-lasting relationships with your customers when they’re not in your store. You can carefully plan your marketing communication so that you keep in […]

New Release: Abandoned Cart And Website Traffic Tracking

Marketing Automation has been one of the biggest trends for businesses this year. No wonder most successful users declare marketing automation as “very important” to the overall success of their marketing across channels. With a simple if-then logic you can easily plan every detail of your brand’s communication. This week we have introduced three more […]

8 Advanced Email Marketing Techniques You Can’t Miss in 2016

One of the leading trends in marketing involves using technology to expand your audience while making communication with customers more personal. Brands primarily focus on solving customer problems, and that’s why their messages have become more conversational and empathetic. Marketing automation is at the heart of this trend. So let’s take a look at techniques […]

What’s the Beat Behind Your Campaign?

The daily life of an online marketer sure is fun. And with a forever-growing list of marketing tools and activities aimed at building customers relationships, you obviously have a lot to learn and do. As a result, there’s been a growing demand for productivity tools to help you take control of the day. We used […]