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Mac Ossowski

Mac is GetResponse's Education Director and he's been in the email industry for over 5 years now. His main focus is helping Customers drive maximum conversions and optimize their email programs using industry best practices. He regularly writes for some of the top industry resources:,, MarketingProfs,, and others. Follow him on Twitter @maciej_ossowski

Articles by Mac:

GetResponse Integrates Return Path for Optimized Deliverability

Deliverability is the lifeblood of every ESP and the cornerstone of our customers’ email marketing success. At GetResponse, we’ve always known that a truck load of fancy features isn’t worth a dime if our customers’ emails don’t reach their target inboxes. That’s why we’re constantly focused on maintaining top deliverability rates and strong ISP relationships.

Identifying Targets for Re-Engagement Campaigns

Would you ignore a potential customer if you already had permission to email them? Of course not! I’m talking about ignoring disengaged subscribers who frequently constitute more than half of all mailing lists. It’s high time to stop focusing ONLY on aggressive acquisition and look more closely at nurturing and re-engaging subscribers.

7 Steps to Earning Money On Email Marketing Bloopers

It’s Thursday, 9.15 pm, and you’re stuck in the office working on the finishing touches of the latest campaign. The webmaster and copywriter are getting impatient, but you’re still testing. When it’s finally closing time, you press one last button and it’s hello long weekend! Unfortunately, the evening karaoke is interrupted by a call from […]

Increase Your Email’s Impact! Part 4: Footer

Your footer. It’s easily the most neglected portion of your message. It is usually just where all the “boring” parts of your message go – the legal jargon, your contact info, and so on. But if your reader gets down that far, it means that they’ve read your entire message. So, congratulations. Though it might seem unlikely, your […]

Are spam complaints voting you out of Hollywood?

Spam complaints are every marketer’s worst nightmare. Especially if they want to build strong email deliverability and land in their subscribers’ inboxes. If you want to know who’s responsible for routing your messages to junk folders and what Hollywood has to do with spam filters, today’s blog post was crafted just for you!

Increase Your Email’s Impact! Part 2: Header

Having discussed the email hors d’oeuvre in my last post, I would like to propose another course from the „Increase your email’s impact!” menu today: the header. How do you plan this section effectively? Where does it belong on your email layout map? What does „above-the-fold” mean? Can header design have an impact on click-thru […]