Back to Basics


I keep hearing about Social Media Marketing. It’s on everyone’s lips, this new industry hype. Heck, when did ole’ good marketing evolve in a manner where it always needs to be “labeled” and categorized? Why even think about treating communication channels as competing platforms rather than as what they actually are – complementary ways to reach your audience?

So, back to the basics!

Starting from this week I will be publishing a series of short, personally biased blurbs on the basics of marketing. Whatever it is – email, social media, multi level, online, direct or brand marketing – I shall try and pinch the balloon of something_something_marketings.

I believe that it is all really down to the boring stuff like target groups, segmentation, competitors, marketing mix and such… the stuff you must’ve heard once or twice at college.

And I do welcome a good dispute – will you join me?

About the author

Greg Wszelaczynski is a brand manager for GetResponse. He hides his other affiliations behind the NDAs and unloads his professional frustrations on our blog.
  • Can you cover the best method to communicate with your list, if you have a blog? Here’s my confusion. I have a WordPress blog that I post to once a week. It has a GetResponse opt-in box where people can opt into my list. I also included the blog’s RSS feed into GetResponse (Blog Feed).

    I have autoresponder series set up for this list. Let’s say a message goes out once a week.

    Let’s say Joe Smith has opted into my list, and starts receiving the autoresponders once a week. I happen to post a blog post. So, Joe receives the weekly autoresponder message and my weekly blog post. A bit too much, don’t you think?

    Do you think it’s best for avid bloggers to not include the blog’s RSS feed into GetResponse?

    I think its best for avid bloggers to not use autoresponders; just connect the blog RSS to GetResponse. Do you agree?

  • Hi Dan,

    I shall definitely discuss your problem with you. Let me start off with the usual answer – it depends 😉
    I wouldn’t dare telling you what’s best in your case with the little informationyou give.

    In that particular case I would ask myself a question – do you get a lot of unsubscribe requests?
    If yes than frequency might be the reason – did you try splitting your list and testing two approaches?
    Are your automatic follow ups of value to the receivers? Are they newsworthy? Or possibly provide a useful knowledge?
    Last but not least – where does your money come from? Mailing list or advertisements?

    Please elaborate so I can be of service.

  • Hello Greg, first I will say happy new year for this occasion to you and your staff. Second, I can’t give many comments of your marketing issue. I think the problems of marketing are so difference between us. I’m have a small business as an agent of newspaper and magazines for more than 26 years. My obsessions now is making map of succession for my son. Of course, the advice is make it simple in this short of life. Don’t worry about what happens it will be. Que sera sera. So what is your opinion about using the internet for us as a small business? Not many people of us can understand English language. So we have troubles for learning. Okey Greg, I hope this sharing make better understanding among us. May I copy what John F. Kennedy said on his presidential inauguration, January 20, 1961: “If a free society cannot help the many that are poor, it will never save the few that are rich.” Thank you.