12+ Inspiring Posts From the GetResponse Blog in 2014 (And Some Cool Infographics)


And here we are, on the last day of another year. Another good year. It’s a perfect opportunity to thank you, our readers, for visiting our blog, commenting and sharing the posts we’ve been bringing you for the past 52 weeks. I thought it would also be a good idea to dig into the 257 posts and bring back those you liked the most. So, here we go!

It was actually pretty difficult to choose only 12 posts, so I decided to also highlight some other content here and there, such as infographics and guides, from which you can still benefit in 2015 (which, by the way, is tomorrow!). Hope you enjoy these!



We started the year with 20 quick tips for marketing blogs, making it a checklist for our own blog as well. Did you find any of these particularly useful?

Among other things we posted in January, we also created a short infographic on the 10 dos of mobile email marketing, followed by 10 Don’ts. Wonder if you would add anything to the list – be sure to let us know in the comments!



If you ever wondered how to get your emails opened and read, we’ve got you covered. And we did it back in February with an infographic, too. And then we made another one on using images in email – all in an image 🙂 (smart, huh?)



The post that got your greatest engagement in March was part of a course talking about list building. This one was specifically devoted to offering something for free in exchange for a sign-up.

We also had quite a few infographics that month:

And then we also created a whitepaper on building profitable customer loyalty programs – you can still download it, so make sure you do!


In April, we gave you some tips on using transactional emails to win your Customers’ hearts – and were glad to see you really liked them.

And then we also posted a few infographics:


And we even did a post on free tools for infographic creation, so that you could try including infographics in your own content marketing strategy. (If you have some cool examples of your own infographics, make sure you share them with us.)



In May we covered a great deal of topics on the blog, one of them being writing for the web – and who would’ve thought it would spark such a heated discussion? If you have something to add, make sure you visit the comment section. 🙂

We also had two infographics: on creating landing pages that convert and building killer email lists from scratch.



In June a post on starting a YouTube channel got your attention – so here it is once again, (by the way, how are your YouTube channels coming along?), followed by another one on useful habits of highly effective email marketers (since there were no infographics that month, I thought I’d give you an extra post ;)).



In July we showed you how to double your email open rate… in 20 ways. Have you already tried any of them? Would you add anything of your own?

We also brought you two infographics:



In August we gave you a quick checklist of email elements that need special attention if you don’t want your emails to look like spam (or be spam, for that matter). (Apart from these, remember to never, ever send commercial emails to people who haven’t expressly allowed you to do so.)



The post that scored the most comments in September contained an infographic (we’re really becoming a visual society, aren’t we?). This time we showed you how to become an affiliate marketing superhero.


(but we also had a lot of other great stuff, e.g. on Pinterest or Klout, so be sure to check other posts, too!)



In October, among other things, we discussed using a feature box– a full-width email opt-in box – as an effective way to drive sign-ups on your site.

We also shared a spooky infographic on booosting (see what we did there?) Halloween email campaigns and a non-spooky one with tips on boosting landing page conversion rates.


And we created a resourceful Holiday Email Marketing Playbook which I’m sure will be useful for the 2015 holidays, too – so grab it if you haven’t done it earlier. It’s packed with ideas and tips for email campaigns around key shopping days in November and December – starting with the Daylight Savings Time all the way to New Year’s Eve.



We had a few interesting pieces in November, too. Such as this one about the best time and day to send email, full of research on the subject (btw, what are your observations? Feel free to share them in the comments below the post.)



Since it’s the end of the year, I’d recommend checking out the list of 6 most important things in email marketing for 2015 by Jordie van Rijn. What’s on your list for the next year?

Make sure you also check out our mini-series of posts on content marketing – Content Marketing Mondays – where we discuss using content strategies in B2B and B2C marketing and even give a list of some useful online content marketing tools for your brand. You’ll find the individual posts here:

Content Marketing Monday: MOI to ROI and Reinventing the Funnel

Content Marketing Monday: Using CM for B2B and B2C

Content Marketing Monday: Why Social Media is Content Marketing

Content Marketing Monday: 21 Tools to Get You Started!

And lots, lots more…

As you can see, a lot has been happening on our blog for the past 12 months and we really hope you’ve found the resources useful. Next year we’ll continue providing you with high quality content and we’ve also planned a few changes for the blog (but shhh, let it be a surprise ;)). In the meantime, let us know in the comments what topics related to marketing your own business you’d like to see on our blog in the coming months – we’ll be glad to write about them!

Oh, and have an absolutely awesome 2015!