How to Build Your Email List Using Incentives #Infographic


Receiving a bonus, a freebie or a reward is one of the most important reasons for people to sign up for a newsletter. And as you can see in GetResponse latest infographic – incentivising subscription can be an effective way to build your email list. How to do it right? Just take a look.


Rewarding your audience is a great strategy whether you’re building your audience or trying to extend your reach with the word-of-mouth tactics. 59% of moms would share  their email details when rewarded and around 50% of Facebook users will share branded content for a bonus. Campaigns including sweepstakes can generate up to 50% higher  conversion rates and significantly boost sing ups.

Pick your incentive

The ideas for effective reward systems are almost limitless. In the infographic, you will find those that work best and are easy to implement.

What you can offer to your audience in order to generate positive response and start building your brand reputation:

  • discounts and special offers,
  • coupons and vouchers,
  • e-books, guides and expert tips,
  • participation is live events: webinars, online consultations,
  • exclusive memberships,
  • and more!

Run a contest

Another effective way to encourage your audience engagement is running quizes and contests. Facebook is a perfect tool for promoting them. If you make sure email opt-in is the natural part of the entry process, you will gain a perfect tool for promoting your brand and acquiring new audiences at the same time. Entertainment is one of the most important reasons why people follow brands.

Just don’t forget collecting new contacts is just the beginning of the long-term process. Once they are on your list you ahve to nurture the leads and sustaint their engagement and interest with you brand. This way you can build a relationship with your prospects, convert them into customers and start leveraging the loyalty aspect of the customer – brand bond.

Take a look at the infographic for more ideas on using incentives to build your email list. And don’t forget to let us know how do the rewarding tactics work for your brand.

lead magnets infographic