Building a Killer Email List From Scratch #infographic


To most beginning marketers, building a list of engaged contacts might seem like one of the most challenging marketing goals. But it doesn’t have to be a chore, as long as you stick to some simple rules. Today’s infographic will provide you with quick action ideas on where to start.


Despite the growing impact of corporate social media profiles, email remains one of the most powerful channels of business communication. There are 3 times more email users than Facebook and Twitter users combined (currently there are 2.4 billion email users globally). Today’s standard is to have at least two email addresses. What’s more the trend isn’t on a downswing.


Why is email still the perfect business communication channel?

  • More personal. Email facilitates one-to-one communication and is so much better than phone and snail mail for reaching out to people in the global market across time zones and continents. Besides, exactly how personal do you want to get on someone’s Facebook page?
  • More serious. Grown-ups discuss business and build business relationships in emails. It is the core of business communication and actually took over the role of standard mail. Even serious business offers are handled via email.
  • Attention grabbing. Messages sit in the inbox ready to be viewed again, with fewer distractions than social media.
  • More targeted. With advanced segmentation and automation, email lets you customize your offer and send maximally relevant information.
  • Cheaper. It’s the most profitable marketing channel, with ROI still around $28 per dollar spent.

As long as you have a high quality email list.


How to start building a killer email list?

The people on your list should be those who care about your organization and its products and services. It’s not easy to reach out to them and convince them your email will be of value to them, but there are a few things that always work.

  • Don’t buy email lists. Unless the vendor is highly reputable, purchasing an email list is worse than a waste of time. You could end up having your company listed as a spammer.
  • Start with current clients, business partners and followers. You already have them in your contact directory. Many email management services have tools to let you easily move them from your contact book and email history to your email-marketing list.
  • Leverage membership lists. Many chambers of commerce and professional organizations provide contact lists as a membership benefit. This is great for B2B market, but only when used intelligently.
  • Ask online. Use multiple online locations to host your sign-up form: website, social media profiles, blog, online ad, infographic, whitepaper download, squeeze page, ecommerce checkout, and more.
  • Ask offline. Use sign-in sheets at stores, events and shows; collect business cards; use QR codes or an SMS signup service.
  • Use incentives to encourage sign-ups. Offer free stuff that is relevant and matches your brand and industry: exclusive webinars, industry reports, eBooks, how-to videos, and special offers.


How to cultivate your contact list?

Once your list-building strategies are in place, you also need nurture your leads. Like relationships and houseplants, email lists require a little TLC:

  • Keep the list engaged by providing good quality content.
  • Keep the list clean by making list hygiene tactics part of your routine.
  • Keep your list secure by never divulging contact details to third parties.
  • Keep opt-out easy. Paradoxically transparent unsubscribe policies can improve your stats.

To learn more about building a killer email list, please take a look at our latest infographic. Which list building strategies are effective for you?


building an email list
building an email list

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  • Thanh Binh Hoang

    I think the hardest part is getting people to your website.

    You really need to show them you are a trusted adviser.

    Additionally, once they opt in, you really need to write to them to build relationship as well.


  • HannaAndrzejewska

    Quite right – that’s why it’s essential to use integrated marketing channels to increase your visibility. Still good quality content is always the most important bait. And the same would go for relationship and loyalty building programs. Thanks Thanh Binh.