Can you be personal when marketing to many? by

After reading Chris Brogan’s post Ah The Copy Paste, it made me think about email marketers, and what are the best ways to be personal when marketing to mass audiences. The faults that Chris pointed out are correct. However, there are many ways to be personal while marketing to the masses.

3 Key Ingredients

Making your email seem like it’s written to one person and one person alone, is key to your success with your list.

Having great content and being able to use segmentation (think how Amazon and Netflix give you Movies You’ll Love, Books For You, and so on), allows you to give a powerful human touch to many people at once.

Below is a case study of someone who, in my opinion got this very wrong…

This is a low cost airline who I have flown with many times. They know my destinations, they know my address, and they even have my spending history.

Their Error

Yet, here they send me offers for flying out of an airport that is not even in the same country as me, and the closest offer I can think of taking them up on is 5 months in the future.

Now, this is not a huge slight on them, since most people do not know how to personalize their emails.

What they could have done better:

  1. Sent me offers for flights I just took – new routes to check out that were related to tickets I just bought.
  2. New sites to see in the cities I just visited.
  3. The top 5 places that people also visited after they went to the cities I went to – plus a coupon to fly there NOW.

See how personalization works?

Are you using personalization? If you are not, then you are failing, regardless of your results.

A little effort will go a long way. Even if you don’t have their first name, you need to be segmenting your list to reflect someone’s interests and desires.

Until Next Time