Case Study: 128% Open Ratio with GetResponse!


A couple of days ago we released our complete whitepaper with 10 fail-proof tips for achieving and maintaining the highest levels of email deliverability. Today we want to share with you a success story we’re very proud of: a GetResponse Customer who created this powerful combination of 99% deliverability, excellent list hygiene practices and engaging content. The results? A newsletter open ratio of 128%.



About the Customer

OnlyInfluencers (OI) is, by far, the most eminent and high-profile private network for digital marketers. Launched in 2010, OI focuses mostly on email marketing and is also expanding into the mobile and social media arenas.


Attracting vendor representatives and marketing execs from many Fortune 500 companies, OI serves as the perfect community for exchanging opinions and developing new industry initiatives.


Bill McCloskey, the founder of OnlyInfluencers, was named one of the 50 Most Influential People in digital marketing by Media Magazine and one of the 100 People to Know in B2B marketing by B2B Magazine.


That said, we’re more than proud to host the OI community at GetResponse and provide its members with top-notch email deliverability.



The Challenges

OnlyInfluencers publishes the 411 Newsletter, a weekly summary of all the hot discussions taking place on their list. It is a content-packed, up-to-date, informative email with all of the key points that were mentioned over the previous seven days.


Before commencing the collaboration with GetResponse, Bill used an in-house solution to deliver his content to his subscribers. Upon starting to work with GetResponse, our key challenges included:


  • Ensuring the highest email deliverability
  • Providing the sender with detailed statistics
  • Helping manage the list in an easy and efficient manner.



The Results

After sending the first 411 Newsletter, we knew that the combination of OnlyInfluencers + GetResponse was destined to be a perfect combination!

The documented results included:


  • 128% open ratio*
  • 16.1% click-thru ratio

* Some recipients opened the emails more than once, because OI’s content was so engaging and interesting.





Compared to average open rates of approximately 25% for the industry, OnlyInfluencers – powered by GetResponse email marketing – exceeded the industry benchmark by over 400%!


Within the next few days we’ll be publishing more fascinating details of this case study. Stay tuned to learn the specific techniques you can use to improve your email tactics and replicate these champion results!

  • Ok, that’s cool… But what about unique open rates?

    Let’s do some hypothetical math.

    What if 100 people opened the e-mail 5 times? That would already boost the open rate to 500 opens. And let’s ay that another 7 people opened the e-mail once. There you go. You have 507 opens.

    397 sent, 507 opens, 128% open rate.

    But with that hypothetical scenario, when you measure the unique opens, you’ll see that only 107 people opened the e-mail (the 100 ones who opened it 5 times, and the 7 ones who opened it once).

    107/397*100 = 26,95% unique opens.

    So unique opens seems to me an interesting metric to have. Isn’t it?

  • @Konsti,

    The situation which you have outlined is of course possible, but not very probable for Customers with lists bigger than a few hundred subscribers. In reality, barely any subscribers open a certain email message more than once, not to mention 5-7 times.

    Still, I agree with you that unique open rate is a vital metric. That’s why we’ve included it in the new statistics module, which we’ll be rolling out shortly.


  • Hello Maciej,

    thanks for the reply. The new statistics module is great news!!!

    Looking forward to it. 🙂

    Well, if you say that barely any subscribers open a certain mail more than once, how come that OnlyInfluencers had an open rate of 128%? 🙂 I’m just teasing you…