Case Study: JustProto Boosts Conversions with Follow-Ups


At GetResponse we love success stories. So here’s another one: how we used a follow up sequence to help JustProto improve customer retention and boost free trial upgrades – converting users of the free-trial product into paying customers. The key – education!


About the Customer

JustProto is one the most popular online tools for creating and collaborating on mock ups. Launched in 2009, it enables designers, clients and partners to wireframe interactively in realtime with other designers and developers.

To make a long story short – it’s the tool you use to create an online mockup of your new website, while working with your designer from the other side of the ocean.


Email Marketing Strategy

The JustProto business model relies heavily on email marketing. They offer a 15-day free trial – and our job was to deliver targeted, timely emails to encourage users to upgrade at the end of the free trial.

And we were more than happy to accept the challenge.


The Challenges

The fundamental challenge we faced when working with JustProto was to utilize email marketing to educate new customers on how to use and benefit from their product before they would get discouraged and switch to a competitor.


Email Follow-Up Tactics

To do that, we had to plan a follow-up sequence with the right frequency and pick the right selling points.

What we were aiming for was:


  • Higher conversion rate,
  • Increased retention rate,
  • Maximum responsiveness (CTRs, open rates),
  • Minimum list churn (opt out rate).


And what we got…


The Performance Results

Well, let’s skip right to the numbers:


  • a 23.26% open rate,
  • a 2.07% click-thru rate
  • significant increase in customer retention


What did JustProto think of those results? Equally important, what lessons can you learn for your own email program?

To see exactly what we did to get these results, and how you can apply the same principles to accomplish your goals, download the full case study here:


Download full case study


Since we’re talking about follow ups, make sure to have a look at last week’s webinar recording on creating effective follow-up series.

And stay tuned for more success stories, coming up soon!

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