The Complete Guide to Successful Business Blogging, Pt. 2


This is part two of ‘The complete guide to successful business blogging’ series. Read the first part here. Let’s revisit the 7 step process for creating a bog that wins you tons of business.



  • Step 1: Identify your ideal audience. Who is most likely to buy from you? Check!
  • Step 2: Create a blog that positions your business as the right choice for your ideal reader. Fix all leaks on your blog to make sure that you are not sending these nice folks away.
  • Step 3: Offer the right freebie to attract and woo the right person. Entice them to get on your email list.
  • Step 4: Create your content strategy. Publish content that will appeal to your ideal audience.
  • Step 5: Find new peeps through strategic promotion, writing on your blog is not enough.
  • Step 6: Make offers via email. Keep your email list warm.
  • Step 7: Fix your pages that convert and sell.


Step 2: Create a blog that positions your business as the right choice

In today’s post, we are going to look at retaining people on your site and creating a strong USP (Unique selling proposition) for your business. If people can’t see what is special about you, they are not going to waste their time on your site, they’ve got a million other things to do.

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You’ve got to capture their attention – fast.

A visitor is here because they are looking for something, they are looking for a way to solve a problem or to fulfill their desire. They want answers to these five questions (even if they are not consciously aware of it) within 3-5 seconds of landing on your blog.


Question #1: What is this blog about?

This needs to be crystal clear.

There are hundreds and thousands of blogs that are so confusing and so cluttered in their design that as soon as you see their home page, you never want to go back. You want to avoid that at all costs. You want to convey your message very clearly so that a first time visitor immediately knows what your topic is about.


Question #2: What’s in it for me? (WIIFM?)

Readers don’t care about you – yet. What they want to know how are going to help them get rid of their problem or satisfy a desire. How are you going to help them? Be specific here.

If you are selling weigh loss solutions, how are yours different? You are a life coach, great, but how do you help them specifically? Do you specialize in a specific niche? Do you work with a specific type of client? Selling marketing solutions? What do you focus on?

You need to answer this question as soon as possible because after they have seen that your topic is the one they are interested in, they want to know if your blog is going to be relevant to their needs.


Question#3: Who is behind this awesome blog?

Now they want to know who writes this blog. Who is the woman (or man) behind these words? So they are going to click on your About page next. Your About page is the second most frequently visited page of your blog. And most people make a mess of it.

Start it by stating who you are (very briefly) and what you do to help your readers. Don’t begin with your life story, don’t write like you are applying for a job and don’t try to sell at this point. Remember your About page is not really about you – it is about them, your readers.

Put your smiling face on your About page. Don’t hide behind your words. People want to know who they are dealing with.


So, how can you answer these three questions within a few seconds of their arrival?

  • Choose a clear title and domain name for your site.
  • If your title is more creative, add a tagline that is more descriptive.
  • If your theme allows it, add a headline that makes a bold promise to your ideal customers and clients
  • Make sure your main navigation is clear and contains self-explanatory tabs.
  • Add a mini author bio to the top of your sidebar.
  • Remove all clutter from sidebar.
  • Display your most useful, your best content on the sidebar
  • Add a start here section.
  • Write a fantastic about page that appeals to the right readers.
  • Offer a highly specific freebie that speaks to your dream clients and customers.

So, now that you have managed to keep them on your site (they haven’t bounced back, thank God), it is time for you to make a more lasting impression on them. Since they are here, they are already forming a positive opinion about you and your site. You can go deeper and further differentiate yourself from others by showcasing a strong brand for your business.


If you are a one person shop, it can be your personal brand. Here is a post that I wrote earlier on how to create a killer personal brand for your blog. Go check it out.

Here, I am going to sum it up for you.

  • Make a great first impression by getting yourself a clean looking theme or design for your blog.
  • Be strategic about all the visual elements such as your logo, header, colours, typography and images you use.
  • I highly recommend that you place a great looking headshot on the home page. People like to know who they are doing business with.
  • Show off your personality and a strong voice be it video, podcast or blog posts.
  • Speak to your ideal reader at all times.

Step 3: Offer the right freebie to attract and woo the right person.

Do you know why you hear crickets when you publish a blog post?

Do you know why your posts don’t get much engagement?

Do you know why you get tons of unsubscribes when you email a promotion?

Let me tell you why, because you are attracting the wrong crowd. Whenever you are thinking about offering an opt-in offer, keep these in mind.

  • Think about the modality first. What will appeal to your ideal audience the most? Ebook? Video? Email course? Whitepaper?
  • Don’t just throw a bunch of your old blog posts together. It is fine to use some of your previously published material but structure it in a useful manner so it makes sense to people. Put some thought into it.
  • Your offering doesn’t have to be long. Concise is good. People are strapped for time, they appreciate when you get straight to the point. Think about creating a list of tools or a guide that gives them a short cut of doing something.
  • Do you know the biggest mistake people make when it comes to creating their freebie? They have a very broad focus. They are hoping to attract as many people as they can but what happens is they end up attracting freebie seekers. Be specific and you will fare better in the long run.
  • Remember, your subscribers will get to experience what you have to offer through your freebie offer. Make it high quality, it should be so good that people would be willing to pay for it. You are setting the bar for the quality of your product or service you provide – do your best.


When you publish content and create your opt-in offer keeping the right person in mind, you will not appeal to everyone, you won’t even appeal to most people, but you will build your email list with high quality subscribers who would open and read your emails and look forward to what you have to offer

In the next installment of this four part series, I am going to talk about how to create a very simple content strategy for your blog (don’t worry, it is not going to boring – I promise). I will also teach you how to not waste precious time on social media and get the best ROI for your content creation efforts

For now, go back and see your blog with fresh eyes.

Where are you going wrong? What can you improve? Where are you being brilliant? Leave a comment and let us know.