“Content is King” – in Email Marketing Too


The Web has evolved into a worldwide social community, and sharing great content is a very sociable thing to do. This creates even more opportunities for marketers to attract new prospects. Generating lots of professional, attractive articles, reports or infographics can be an effective way to promote your business.



But don’t just sit around waiting for your great content to be discovered. Instead, create a powerful combination:


Your Great Content + Email Marketing

According to a recent study by Focus Market Research, email marketing continues to be the top performing channel for ROI. Statistics show email performed strongest over the last 12 months for 39% of respondents, with online content a close second.


Why not team the two for an even better result?


Here are just a few of the most popular ideas for valuable online content you can deliver to your audience – and how email marketing can help.


Put Your Autoresponder to Work

Remember, not all emails to your database should be promotional. In fact, most of them should be content that is valuable for its own sake.


You can create a whole series of emails with compelling educational content. Autoresponder delivery guarantees that subscribers can always look forward to receiving something interesting.


If you run a gym, would a series of nutritional tips or exercise sets appeal to your clients? And if you own a restaurant, why not send your customers recipes every now and then?


Your imagination is the limit!


Maximize the Value of Your Blog posts

The Focus research reveals that blog posts are the most popular type of online content among marketers. The environment of total freedom and subjectivity makes blogs the perfect vehicle for expressing personal opinions along with industry insights.


For example, if you run a travel agency, why not post articles about trips to popular travel destinations, along with valuable tips and beautiful photos? People who are searching for information about a particular country and find relevant articles on your site might just book their next trip with your agency.


Update your blog regularly and keep advertising to a minimum. The nature of a blog is personal – why clutter your posts with ads your readers see everywhere they go online? Instead, give them something they want to read about.


Tip: Just remember to do a good job with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your blog. Using keywords makes it easier for your potential readers to find you.


And to ensure that your loyal subscribers don’t miss a post, place a sign up form on your blog and promote new posts with a “teaser” email linked to each blog article.


Build Credibility with Whitepapers

Your best prospects are always looking for information and numbers while building their own content. This is a perfect opportunity for your company – collect interesting data about your industry and make it available in whitepapers, case studies and reports.


Being quoted by others creates third-party credibility and builds your brand recognition.


If you’re into graphic design or have a talented graphic designer on board, turn your numbers into an infographic. They tend to go viral and spread all across the web. There are also some free online tools you can use to make your diagrams, charts and graphs much more attractive and fun.



Be sure to share your whitepapers and reports via emails to your subscriber base and on social media. Make them easy to re-tweet or share on Facebook and other sites.


Whitepapers are also a great incentive to encourage sign ups to your list. Use a sign up form to collect email addresses and redirect the readers to a personalized thank-you page with a download link after sign up.


It’s a win-win exchange of value: your valuable whitepaper for the prospect’s valuable email address.


Record Videos and Podcasts

They’re the types of content people are most likely to interact with and can make your click-through rates sky-rocket.


What could you present to your customers? A series of industry tips? Video recipes? I’m sure there are lots of topics you can come up with.


Host them on your YouTube channel or video hosting service. Embed them on your website, blog, Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile. Link them in your emails. Don’t forget other popular social sites such as Stumble Upon or Digg.


Question: Which sites social media are best for you?

Answer: The ones where you find your ideal prospects.


Promote “Face-to-Face” Online

Top marketers already know that webinars are a great new way to hype promotions. The incredible functionality of modern online conferencing software gives you a cost-effective way to interact with your prospects and customers to complement your email marketing strategy.


Whether you showcase your new product or pitch an idea to a select audience, online events help you learn more about your subscribers and grab a few new ones.


Remember to promote your online events to get the biggest possible audience. Use your website, newsletter, social sites and blogs.


These tips are used by many of our most successful email marketing customers. Hope you find them useful for your business, too.


What online content tactics do you use to promote your brand? Share them in the comment section below!