Crash Course to YouTube Content Promotion, Pt. #2


In the first part of my YouTube guide, you found out about such tools as YouTube TV, Analytics and Snake game – hope you enjoyed it. It was a pleasant thing to start with, but now it’s time to knuckle down and meet the features that will not only entertain you, but also improve your video content’s performance.


This is how our competition does it…

If you own a website or a landing page to place your videos on, you surely don’t want your viewers’ attention distracted with something with e.g. your competitor’s ad offering a similar product. You can prevent this from happening thanks rel=0 parameter. It stops YouTube from displaying other videos to watch after the end of your own video..


As light as feather

If the device you use for operating YouTube is not one of these state-of-the-art freshly released machines, and the RAM capacity is lower than in the smartphones on sale, you probably face the problem of snail slow video buffering. The perfect solution to this issue will be YouTube Feather.

This version of YouTube offers a limited number of styles that beautify the display, ditches unnecessary buttons, does not load comments or long “to watch” video lists. Thanks to all this, not only will you save the resources of your computer, but also the Internet connection capacity, which will effectively reduce the buffering time. We all know there’s nothing worse than a video that doesn’t buffer.

YouTube Feather

How to start using YouTube Feather? Click the link and start enjoying your view!


Pardon me? Can you repeat?

Unfortunately, YouTube by itself does not offer the option to play the content in the loop so that you can watch one video continuously without endless unnecessary clicking. External tools and application can sort this out for you. One of such helpful pages is YouTube Repeater – as you can guess from the name, it lets you play the same video continuously as many times as you wish. Let’s be honest – it’s not enough to watch a video like this only once! 


Judge a book by its cover!

If you create video content on your own, I’m sure you’d love it when your videos look perfect on any page they are displayed. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but you can’t get away from the fact that the cover is important even in the case of an online video. As a new YouTube user, you have no access to all interesting features this portal offers. However, there is a way to skip this obstacle with just a few clicks. First, go to YouTube Features page. Then, enable Monetization feature by clicking the button, just like you see in the picture below.

YouTube video cover

After you have it done, you’ll not only be able to place ads next to your content, but also add your custom cover for each video. If you don’t select a cover, you are given 3 random screenshots to choose from, which can turn out blurry or simply not matching the topic your content covers. Now, you have full control over your video’s look on the website.


Embedding videos on other websites

Placing a video e.g. on your landing page is easier with YouTube. You get a variety of useful features to make it look as good as you want. Under every video, you’ve got embedding options menu including the selection of size, privacy options or the code type you wish to be used.


No upload for longer videos? Unless…

Just like with the video covers, there are several limitations to the video length you can upload to your channel. If you’re new to YouTube, the system will not let you upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

Good news – this limitation is not permanent. All you have to do is visit YouTube Features page and enable Longer Videos feature. Now, you can forget about the 15 minute limitation – easy as ABC, isn’t it?


Finally, time to relax!

When you’ve learnt about new interesting features available on YouTube, it’s time for a bit of well deserved relax. And I don’t mean playing Snake – that was so last week!

Try defending your video from a rocket attack – don’t let your towers get destroyed!

YouTube Fight game

To play the game:

  • play any video,
  • click on any space in the website, but outside the video,
  • type 1980 on your keyboard.

From now on, I hope you’ll feel more familiar with your YouTube account and creating valuable content will be both adventurous and pleasant instead of challenging and struggling. Soon, I’ll show you a few handy tools (free and paid) to become the 100% genuine YouTube star!

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