Customer Spotlight: Anthony Morrison


We’re back with our Customer Spotlight series, this time talking to Anthony Morrison, speaker, author and entrepreneur. In an interview with GetResponse he explains how his business has benefited from email marketing and how email is the most personal advertising medium.


Can you tell us a little about your business and your experience using email marketing?

My business, Morrison Publishing, LLC, publishes many products from physical books to electronic content in many different niches online. We’ve been in business no for over 5 years and have had a few #1 products on digital marketplaces like ClickBank.

Our company now is focused on some very targeted niches which means having a very reliable Auto Responder service is crucial. In order for us  to be ‘profitable’ in these verticals we will need every customer to be a repeat customer, which of course makes our email strategy of the utmost importance.


Tell us about the success you’ve experienced as a result of using GetResponse.

Our experience with GetResponse has been 100% positive. The platform itself is easy to use and actually has some really nice features for people who are just getting started in email marketing. I would say the biggest plus I have seen working with GetResponse is just the customer service. We’ve been treated great by every single person we’ve talked to about our account, which is probably no less than 10 people now. We have noticed our open rates increase and spam complaints decrease ever since moving our mailings over to GetResponse, which is another huge plus for us.

Obviously if people don’t open the emails you send it’s a losing effort the second you hit send, but for us seeing the open rate increased meant we were going to see an increase in our ROI from our email marketing efforts.


Why is email so important to your business as a marketing channel?

Email marketing is an important marketing channel because it’s the most ‘personal’ way to advertise to your existing clients. It’s a digital world where we share everything from our Facebook account to our Twitter account all the way to our personal photos on sites like Flicker.


We literally have ‘no private life’ anymore as everything is shared in some way online. Our email accounts, however, always remain private and personal.


That’s one thing I have noticed over the years as things have become less and less private online people have continued to keep their email ‘private’ and obviously for good reason. You can advertise to someone on Facebook while they are massively distracted and probably won’t even notice it, but if you send them a personal email they are laser focused. It’s just the best way to follow up with your customers and create more revenue for your business.


What is the biggest mistake people make in email marketing and how can it be avoided?

I’d say the biggest mistake people make in email marketing is not being educated prior to starting. There are so many little things that can swing the pendulum in either a positive or negative way for your efforts. I would make sure you know EVERYTHING you can about email marketing, subject lines, open rates, spam complaints, formatting of your email, split testing etc before you get started so you are maximizing your efforts and minimizing your mistakes right from the start.


If you could give one email marketing tip to others, what would it be?

If there was one piece of advice I would give others about email marketing it’s simply ‘be informed’ or ‘be educated’ because that’s the key to successful email marketing and helping your business grow.