Customer Spotlight: Building a Brand That Matters


Today we are pointing the spotlight in the direction of Dewane Mutunga, a New Yorker, brand strategist and founder/CEO of Connected Experiential Marketing LLC. In an interview with GetResponse Dewane tells us how he uses email marketing to help other businesses find effective ways they can build and manage their brands using… email marketing. 😉 


Can you tell us a little about your business and your experience using email marketing?

Dewane MutungaI’m a brand strategist, consulting with businesses on ways to effectively build and manage brand equity. My focus revolves primarily around email marketing, social media, and experiential marketing efforts like live events and sampling campaigns.

Email marketing is my core lead nurturing and customer retention tool. It’s the virtual glue that makes everything stick together.


Why is email so important to your business as a marketing channel?

Email is a great marketing channel for several reasons, for starters it’s the biggest social network. Research shows that there are approximately 3 billion email accounts in the world. That’s more than all the major social networks combined. My point, it’s the Internet’s standard means of communication.

Aside from that, the main reason I focus on email is because it allows me to scale the relationship building process like no other channel does.


Tell us about the success you’ve experienced as a result of using GetResponse.

Investing in GetResponse has been one of the best things to happen to my business. There are some unique features that have allowed me to manage campaigns and grow my email list by over 100 percent, while saving unthinkable amounts of time putting campaigns together.


What is the biggest mistake people make in email marketing and how can it be avoided?

Trying to follow all the “rules.” The gift and the curse of email marketing is that the are so many different things to test, tweak, and adhere to.

We marketers need to understand that our audience is our audience. If you want to know what works best and what doesn’t, test and make adjustments from there.


If you could give one email marketing tip to others, what would it be?


“One email, One message”. It should be painfully obvious what you want people to do. The more options you give, the less action they’ll take.


What is your biggest email marketing challenge this year?

The biggest challenge is always creating the most relevant and cohesive experience possible. Making sure that your email marketing works in part with your other marketing efforts to create a consistent message to your consumer.


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  • Hich

    Yes, the less options you give, the better.
    In my emails, you always find ONE LINK to click.

    Great post!

  • Forget the rules! Know your audience and act accordingly! I agree 100%.

    This is a great interview and Dewane’s way of thinking is refreshing in and industry packed with inexperienced experts. Very good.

  • This is a great interview with Dewane.

    His advice is pin point correct. Give your audience just one option and nothing else. Have one call to action that you want them to do and make sure that you track that link as well with clicks and conversions.

    Really solid information here.