Customer Spotlight: Michael Cheney


Today we are pointing the spotlight in the direction of internet marketer Michael Cheney who is celebrated as an example of self-made success by the internet marketing community. As you’ll read below, Michael has been a GetResponse customer almost as long at there has been a GetResponse!


This is the lastest in our GetResponse customer spotlight series! We’d like to shine the spotlight on you too! If you’d like to be featured, please ping us on Twitter!


Can you tell us a little about your business and your experience using email marketing?

Michael CheneyI’ve been running an internet business for over 10 years now from my primary website during that time I’ve been fortunate to generate several million dollars worth of revenue from my internet businesses. I help people start their own Internet businesses and also help business owners maximise their profits using the internet.

My experience with email marketing dates back to just about start my internet marketing career. Ever since then I’ve been using GetResponse to handle my email marketing
and I’ve seen them grow, expand and add extra features to the business, just like I have with mine as the years have gone by.

To begin with I was growing an email list of subscribers by providing free information but back then I wasn’t even aware of how to monetise that list. Since that time I’ve generated in excess of $2 million from my email list.


Tell us about the success you’ve experienced as a result of using GetResponse. Please include any statistics you have on list growth, increases in revenue or traffic, return on investment, etc.

The return on investment (ROI) I’ve got from using GetResponse has been nothing short of remarkable. If you consider that I generated over $2 million worth of business directly from email marketing then the small outlay required to use the GetResponse service is a drop in the ocean. I’ve grown my list from 0 to over 100,000 users in a relatively short period of time and still heavily rely on email marketing as the number one main source of income for my business.


Why is email so important to your business as a marketing channel?

As long as you build relationships in the right way, communicating with people via email is one of the best, if not the best way to directly reach out to people and communicate your marketing messages to them. I find it a highly effective way of letting people engage with you on a one-to-many basis whilst also enabling a two-way communication channel to be opened up. The new functionalities of GetResponse such as being able to conduct surveys also gives me another channel to interact with people on my mailing list.


What is the biggest mistake people make in email marketing and how can it be avoided?

The biggest mistake is just sending out promotions instead of giving valuable freebies. On my list (which you can join at I teach business owners how to make more money using the internet and teach this for free.


Once you’ve built up trust and a relationship with your readers you can then make recommendations to them and sell them products. It’s all about achieving a balance.



If you could give one email marketing tip to others, what would it be?

Learn from the best! Find people who really know how to do email marketing and join their lists, see what they do and model their approach.