Email Creator 2.0 – Design Revolution Continues


Last year we launched the Email Creator — a great tool offering limitless creative possibilities and allowing marketers with no IT background to quickly create stunning, professional-looking email templates. And now we’ve gone to an even higher level, thanks to innovative technologies in web design and our developers’ creativity. Ladies and Gentlemen: Email Creator 2.0 is now available.

The devil is in the details, and with the changes we’ve introduced, you can now refine your newsletters and landing pages in seconds, without even looking at HTML code — and the results are spectacular.

What’s new?

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Make your newsletters look unique and tailor-made using the background image function. Add a background image anywhere you want: to the newsletter background, main body or specific section in your email, such as an image, button, or text field. Define an image as a background for a selected section, and the editor helps make it look perfect; repeat patterns and set them horizontally or vertically.


GetResponse Email Creator - Background image


Tip: In addition to using a background image, make sure you also define a newsletter background color, as some email clients won’t render a background image. That way, your newsletters still look great, even if the background image isn’t visible.



Shape every section to add more style and glamour with the new border radius function. Square-shaped, curved, rounded, oval edges — the editor slider helps you make them look exactly the way you want, quickly and effortlessly.


GetResponse Email Creator 2.0 - corner radius



Another tool to help make your newsletter look professional is the line height option in the text editor. Before today, the space between text lines was specified by email browsers that display the emails. Now you gain complete control. This lets you differentiate various section of the text and make your newsletter look neater and better organized.


GetResponse Email Creator 2.0 - line hegth



Get complete control over your message position with the align left/center function. This option is available in the main (top) toolbar, which has changed a bit: we replaced the “border” and “spacing” sections with neat icons that display the edit section when clicked. We did this to save space for more great functions, coming soon.


GetResponse Email Creator 2.0 - align left



Finally — we added the mask size hint to every separate workspace in your email. When you place your cursor over a specific section, it displays the exact dimensions in pixels, so you can adjust images more accurately to fit each section.


GetResponse Email Creator 2.0 - size hint



Minor issues for some platforms

With these new options, creating amazing newsletters has become even easier. However — don’t forget one thing: the technology is quite innovative and experimental, and some email clients (and web browsers) may not be able “process” them. In that case, they simply display your newsletters as usual, ignoring the new additions.

Border radius is visible for Gmail, Apple Mail, iPad, iPhone and Android, as well as Chrome and Firefox for landing pages. Other email clients may have problems with it, especially when used with IE.

The background image is supported by most email clients (both web and desktop), excluding some versions of Outlook and Thunderbird.

So remember to always use the inbox inspector before you send, to make sure your newsletter looks perfect.


Now it’s all in your hands — test all the new features and let us know what you think.

BTW, did you know that now you can do this — with just  a few clicks 🙂


GetResponse Email Creator 2.0 circle-shaped image

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