Confirmed Opt-in improves campaign results! Check out these stats now!


About three months ago, we were trying to convince you that confirmed opt-in option is much more effective than the unconfirmed opt-in when adding qualified subscribers to your lists. We gave you several important reasons to validate our point of view.

If the last blog post didn’t convince you, we hope the results of our latest analysis will help you understand how well confirmed opt-in works for real-life GetResponse customers, and put all serious arguments to rest.

Now, onto the study: we analyzed over 700M messages sent from GetResponse Pro accounts between August 1st and November 1st 2009, and compared certain “success” factors for confirmed opt-in and unconfirmed opt-in users. We thought we’d find improvements with confirmed opt-in, but the results amazed even us!

According to the analysis, messages sent from accounts using confirmed opt-in returned 71% higher Open Rates and 66% higher Click Rates than unconfirmed opt-in account messages. That’s close to “double” the good results!

That’s not all! The number of “undeliverable” messages in accounts where users applied confirmed opt-in had 75% fewer bounces than accounts where users chose the unconfirmed opt-in option. Moreover, in confirmed opt-in accounts, spam complaints were almost 40% lower!

Based on these stats, just imagine the difference confirmed opt-in could make in the success of your email campaigns. Here are just a few of the advantages of confirmed opt ins:

  • Your list is cleaner as your database includes only confirmed email addresses.
  • Your recipients open your messages more willingly because they chose to subscribe to your list.
  • Usually recipients remember they subscribed and rarely send spam complaints to your email marketing provider (e.g. GetResponse) or your ISP.
  • You get much better click-through ratios, which can lead to higher sales ratios.
  • You gain higher-value customers and fewer “unsubscribes” overall.

All these factors improve your reputation as an email marketer − and your email marketing results!

Finally, please don’t worry that if you use the confirmed opt-in option, you’ll annoy new subscribers. Most appreciate the reminder and the extra “protection” it gives them from unwanted emails. Believe us when we say, your subscribers will be grateful they are only receiving messages they truly want − and you will enjoy all of the above benefits PLUS have higher deliverability rates and a cleaner list. Remember, that’s your “goldmine”!

To be balanced, if you think there are any disadvantages to the confirmed opt-in option, just let us know. We sure couldn’t find any, but would like to hear from you – pro and con!