Email Creator: Thanks for Your Feedback by

We’ve received a lot of great comments from you over the past weeks, after we asked you what you thought of new Email Creator. Choosing 10 commenters to be awarded our Email Creator T-shirts was not an easy task, as they all deserved one. We truly appreciate you talking to us!


Your ideas count

Your comments really gave us food for thought. We didn’t expect you to just praise the new Email Creator, although we’d probably been hoping just a tiny bit for some praise 😉 but we also wanted to know what bothers you, how you would like us to improve it and what you would like to see changed. And you told us just that.



Ideas we’ve implemented

Your comments really changed a lot for us. Over the past few weeks we’ve been improving the Email Creator. We’ve added important new features – such as, duplicating columns, pasting text from Word with retained formatting, or the new blank template in the “Start from scratch” option.

We fixed some things you pointed out weren’t working right and – since it’s still in beta – keep focusing on making it better.


Building on success

Since, our GetResponse motto is CANIConstant Never-Ending Improvement – we don’t intend to stop, ever! And your opinions are helping us a great deal.

I can’t say it enough—how much we value your feedback and appreciate your response to our request. At times like this, we know who we’re doing all of this for!

Click this link to read comments about Email Creator. We’ve picked some of the most interesting ones, and we’ll now contact each of the Email Creator T-shirt winners via email with the details. But really, you all deserve praise and a huge THANK YOU from the whole GetResponse Team!

We’re looking forward to talking to you more!