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With GetResponse, you can integrate your email marketing with social media to get the most out of the online buzz! We offer Twitter integration and let readers share your messages and expand your audience by including up to 5 links to popular social sites.

When you join the conversation via these popular social media channels, your subscribers can help you spread your messages to other social sites, deepening engagement − and building your subscriber list!

The GetResponse Team was curious how  our SMB marketers were using these capabilities, so we analyzed almost 500 million emails sent by 19,149 GetResponse customers in order to capture and report on social media integration and sharing frequency, individual preferences, and campaign results. The study tracked emails using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Digg, with some surprising results. Remember that almost 88% of respondents in our “GetResponse Email Marketing Trends Study indicated they would increase social media sharing in 2010? Curious as to the actual results for the first half of 2010? Find out by reading our report today, but in the meantime…

Social Media Integration Highlights

  • Emails that included at least three social sharing icons generated over 55 percent higher CTR than messages without any sharing options!
  • Twitter was the most popular social sharing option, included in 67.2 percent of all social emails; Facebook came in a close second at 62.7 percent.
  • Almost 19 percent of SMB marketers (GetResponse users) used the Twitter integration feature (linked their campaigns to Twitter) at least once. Only 13.5 percent included social sharing options!

Interesting,  isn’t it! And this is just a sample of the results. To find out more of what we discovered, please dig deeper into our report. Click to download the FREE report “Email Marketing and Social Media Integration” NOW!

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  • Liz Lundberg

    This is a formal apology to Get Response, from me, Liz Lundberg.
    I apologize for being a whiny customer and an intentional shit-disturber. I have had a week full of technical difficulties and I blew up. I blew up everywhere that I possibly could. I try to make the best out of bad situations, so I’m going to try to do that here by way of cleaning up my negative fallout.
    I knew that I wasn’t doing anythign positive by my behavior, but holding it in never gets me to the source. I appreciate Get Response for being so gracious with me despite my immaturity. So here’s what I learnind from the experience; when I am going through a learning curve and run into these kinds of issues I have in the past used ‘getting angry’ as an excuse to give up and not work around them until I can get them handled. Then I tell other people how mad I was, as if that makes it OK.
    Continuing with this kind of histrionics does nothing for anyone, least of all myself. All I do is waste energy NOT doing something. Better to use the energy productively. Again, My apologies, Get Response. And thanks for your support. Sincerely,

    Liz Lundberg

  • Kate Grochowska

    Dear Liz, everyone from time to time has that “worse day”, but we’re glad that despite that we managed to help you. All the best with your business and please remember that our Support Team is always there to help you, just let us know! GetResponse Team

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