Email Marketing and Social Media – What’s Goin’ On?!


First of all, we wanted to give you all a “high five” for your plans to “link up” with social media in 2010. Here are what respondents told us in our 2010 Email Marketing Trends Report:

Social Media Activity – A 113.2% increase in use of links to new messages on social media pages; a 109.1% increase in use of sign-up forms on Facebook, etc. fan pages; 88.8% will increase share options and 71.6%  more will place “follow us” links in email messages.

What a great start! We want to support your efforts so we’re going to talk about social media on a regular basis, both to provide useful data and highlight successful tactics, as we all know this is still the “Wild West” as far as best practices go.  For example, a recent MarketingSherpa study 1 reported that many SOHO and SMB marketers are breaking even as with their time/money investment in social media, but that many more expect to see measurable progress in lead generation and sales revenues, as opposed to last year.  Just look at the “Potential Impact” column and you’ll see what we mean!

So let’s start with some metrics on “why” we should be linking our email marketing with social media sites, or more precisely, social media users:

  • The MarketingSherpa study found that 42% of daily social media users check their email four times a day or more, compared to just 27% of non-social media users.
  • The same study reported that 63% said they use the same email account for social media messages as they do to opt-in to permission-based email.
  • Also notable was that 49% of Twitter users said they made an online purchase based on an email offer, compared to 33% of all email users.


Clearly, social media users are a target audience worthy of your attention! Here’s what some email marketers expected to gain from social media integration, and what they actually achieved.



What does this tell us? It does appear that lead generation, or subscriber sign ups, needs more tactical support and action.

So let’s start with Social Media Integration and Sign Up Forms – the 2 steps you need to take right away to reach your online audiences and encourage them to share, follow, and subscribe to your messages as they ripple across the Internet!



Getting Started: Integrate Your Email Marketing and Social Media

Four easy steps to creating a viral marketing campaign via your Twitter account:

  1. After you’ve created your newsletter and selected the recipients, go to the scheduling page to specify delivery time.
  2. Click the “Share on Twitter” option at the bottom of the page and enter your Twitter login and password.
  3. The Tweet will include your newsletter title so if you wish to use it remember to delete the custom fields (e.g. contact name) and leave the newsletter link field intact.


Now simply click the Next Step button to send your newsletter and Twitter notification! Go to your Twitter account and you’ll see the message with a link that displays your newsletter in a Web browser. Cool huh? And you’re done!

Add Your Sign Up Form! Start capturing those active email and social media users!

Adding a sign-up web form to your Facebook account only takes about 2 minutes and you only need 2 things:

  • A Facebook fan page
  • Your GetResponse sign up form in HTML (from your GetResponse Capture Subscriber option).



  • First, grab this great app here and add it to your fan page.
  • Now go back to your fan page and click the ‘Edit Page’ option. Here you will find FMBL under the Apps section; click on the Edit pencil icon. Now you can edit the ‘Box Title’ to include whatever you want! Here’s what it will look like:


  • Next, paste your GetResponse HTML code into the FBML box. If you are a whiz with HTML, feel free to change the code to match your brand image, add graphics, etc. – anything to grab attention!
  • 4.    Click to save your changes and make sure to give your form a priority position in your tabs, so you attract lots of high-value subscribers to your list! Like this for example:


For more detailed instructions on Social Media, we encourage you to visit GetResponse website.

Now that we’ve shared some of the latest stats on WHY you should integrate email marketing and social media and a few basic steps to get you started, next time we’d like to blog about, well, blogs! HOW to integrate and proliferate blog updates and make them as interesting and interactive as possible!

Above is just our thinking on the topics ahead… we’d really like to hear from you! Please tell us what you’re doing with social media, and what you’d like us to blog about.  Thanks!

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