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Email marketing is growing more popular among businesses of all types and sizes! That’s why we decided to track email marketing performance across 10 industries to discover what kind of results they’re getting from their GetResponse email newsletters and campaigns. We focused on what we considered to be the most critical result categories: Open, Click-through, Unsubscribe, Bounce, and Complaint Rates, then tracked them in more than 160 million GetResponse messages. Finally, we analyzed and organized all the statistics into one report called “Email Marketing Performance by Industry”. So…wondering how your industry did?

Some of the results may surprise you. For example, you might assume that e-commerce companies should do well in all things Internet, right? Actually, the hands-down winner was Associations which, as you can see below, outperformed everyone!

Ok, now to the final scores. Each industry was ranked against the others, with 100 points being the highest possible score. How big was the winning spread? Associations won with an outstanding 93 points! In second place with 77 points was Travel; and close behind was Art with 72. So, Associations gets an “A” on our study!

If you’re wondering where your industry landed on the scoreboard, click to download the FREE report and read “Email Marketing Performance by Industry” NOW!

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  • This type of data is extremely important for email marketers, but I’m not sure how many people will pay attention.

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  • This type of data is very useful for internet marketers to work on their business plan. They have the solid figure to use in their assumption instead of guessing the number.

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    We are glad that you find our reports helpful. The GetResponse Team is working hard to deliver more reports so we can publish them on a regular basis.

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