Email Marketing spend up for SMBs in 2011 by GetResponse

Zoomerang just published its study on SMB Marketing Spending for 2011 and Email Marketing is up for 2011! Everyone at GetResponse is happy to hear that, but not too surprised, of course.

With 15% of SMBs planning to increase spending in Email Marketing and 41% expecting to maintain current levels, this amazing tool continues to provide an effective and affordable “safe haven” for marketers in a tough economy.

But what really caught my attention was that 46% of SMBs that responded to this report do not utilize a web site, and 40% do not use email marketing. Which left me wondering how the 6% of email marketers who don’t run websites build their lists.

Are they pulling subscribers face to face, offering sign up options in their stores, galleries, or restaurants? Or maybe using a social media sign up form?

We, like many others, are finding our Facebook Sign Up page very effective, so we’re hoping these marketers are at least taking advantage of this powerful (and growing) channel. If you’d like to employ this option, check out our post on Facebook web forms.

Do you use GetResponse, but not a website? While I continue to dig into the database and pull more stats, we’d like to hear from you, and why you think a web site is necessary to your email marketing success. Or, if you hold another opinion, don’t be shy to share it. We all learn from the discussion!

To be continued……





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