Email Promos: Prepare your “Christmas Gift”


Are you ready with your Santa Emails? Some email marketers already posted their gift guides, but is it too early? To help you prepare for this year’s Christmas shopping fever, we’ve created a blog post series to guide you through each step and show you how to promote your business during this time in the year. To help you remember the advice, we used a “Christmas gift” theme. Let’s start with… preparing the contents.

Engage your recipients

In addition to being an email marketer, you’re a consumer. Aren’t you bored with overrated, generic subjects in your inbox every year? Such as:


  • Free shipping for Christmas
  • Best Christmas deals are here
  • Holiday gift guide, etc.


Take it a step further and engage your subscribers, starting with the subject! Are you familiar with gamification rules? Yes, email is a great place to play with them. Construct a subject line that makes every recipient want to see what’s hiding inside the message.



Play with words that tell the recipient a specific action to take, while describing its benefits, emotions and feelings.

Here are some engaging examples to play with during your Christmas promotions:


  • Make a dream come true. Embark on the quest for the perfect gift.
  • Invite warmth into your hearts. The price is not the only value of the gift.


Next, let’s upgrade the call-to-action (CTA) elements. Red and green buttons work, that’s true, but what does the text read? Shouldn’t they be different from a standard email CTA such as “Buy now” or “Read more”? Of course they should!

Instead of standard CTA text, try using one of these:


  • Request it from Santa
  • Join the hunt NOW!
  • Put it on the list


Give to get. Benefit bundle.

As always, it helps to give in advance in order to get a desired effect. The same rule holds true in Christmas marketing.

From all of the emails in the Christmas inbox machine, subscribers select only those that promise something more than product information and great prices.

Free delivery, additional discounts for the first buyers, and bundle offers — these are great to play with on this field, to get more attention and excitement from your recipients.

Remember that Christmas isn’t just a time to sell; it’s a time to build and strengthen relationships. Show them you care, and they’ll show their appreciation, not only with their purchase but with their good opinion and loyal behavior in the following year.

OK, so you’ve got the engaging content, great benefits to grab your recipients. So it’s time to send!

3 . . .  2 . . .  1 . . .

Whoa, hold your horses! Despite what you may think, your email isn’t complete yet. What’s more, it’s not time to start the Christmas email race.



Don’t make a Christmas false start

Some marketers start their Holiday rush even 3 to 6 months before Christmas.

Isn’t that crazy!? OK, so what’s the best time to send holiday offers?

Most retailers click the send-button 2 to 4 weeks before Christmas. That certainly is a time when there is the most inbox traffic. If you’ve properly prepared the content and packaging of your email, you don’t have to be afraid that the recipient won’t see it.

However, the best time for sending and getting the most revenue from your emails is 1 to 2 weeks in advance. That way, you’ll be able to deliver every order, avoiding stressful deadlines, and your email will also avoid the main holiday inbox traffic.

Statistics show that 59% of retailers send their emails 2 to 4 weeks before holidays, and another 21% send them only a week before.

So take your time. Make sure you have everything in place, the designs are great, and the content is relevant. There’s no room for error; you simply may not have another chance to speak to your subscribers a second time.

Yeah… about the designs and relevant content — stay tuned for future issues of this blog series to get more inside tips on how to prepare your holiday emails.


Coming up next . . . how to package your “Christmas gift” — the rules of Christmas email design.