Email Success Profile: Ram Shengale of Gyantastic


Still learning your craft? Maybe you’re a bit nervous about representing yourself as an experienced pro. After all, you’re still spending every spare moment trying to stay up to speed. Well, here’s a little secret: we’re all trying to keep up. Why? Because the online world changes so rapidly. So focus on what you do know and be open about the things you’re still learning. Entrepreneur Ram Shengale (a GetResponse customer) is gaining success with this strategy. Let’s check out his business model.

Ram Shengale acquired his knowledge the hard way. He figured out what he needed to know in order to start and operate his business. Then he leaped into complex subjects like hosting, WordPress, blogging, SEO, and marketing. He soaked up the concepts, mastered the skills, and applied them in his business.

Along the way, he found that others came to him with questions about operating their business. Often they asked for advice on technology and software.

Ram discovered that he loved helping others as much as he loved working with technology. So he added consulting services to his business model. You can learn important lessons from his experience:

Don’t take your knowledge for granted.

Once you learn a step, it’s easy. You forget how intimidating it seemed before you learned and developed skill. As you expand your skills, you find that every step is easy — but there are zillions of steps.

So give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve assembled an enviable arsenal of knowledge and skills. You’re on top of your game.

Recognize the hidden value in your knowledge.

The knowledge you’ve acquired is valuable because of how you apply it in your business. That means others may find it useful and valuable too.

And there is value in the fact that you’ve vetted the knowledge, discarded the irrelevant, and absorbed what’s relevant. That can save others time and effort and lower their frustration.

Help others play the game.

If you wish, you can share your expertise. In fact, people like Ram turn sharing knowledge into a principal business activity as coaches and consultants.

Sharing online can increase your credibility as an expert in your field, making you a more valuable person to hire. And it can make the hiring decision easier and faster.

Eliminate your competition.

Ram uses a strategy that is growing in popularity: sharing knowledge to attract an audience. As your audience grows, you’ll discover that it includes prospective customers, potential alliances, and industry influencers. A network of valuable contacts can help you make a name for yourself.

So instead of being concerned about competition, you position yourself as a leader in your industry. Competitors turn into valued partners, each bringing their expertise to the table.



Establish two-sided access.

Communication is one of the keys to influencing others. Social media channels make it easy to communicate with a wide network of people across the globe.

And as you communicate with everyone from newbies to established experts, your followers can watch and learn. This “over the shoulder” effect enhances your reputation for being helpful.

Select the right tools.

Ram Shengale chose to make email marketing an important part of his marketing approach. It enables him to email his entire list at once, isolate segments of the list to receive special communications, and even respond to emails from individual subscribers.

After investigating other email service providers, he chose GetResponse because it included everything he was looking for: sign-up forms, autoresponders, landing pages, and social media integration.

Gyantastic’s results are in.

In a short time, Ram’s open rate improved 26-fold, meaning a 2600% gain in this critical engagement metric. And his click-thru ratio improved 8-fold, or 800%, which translates to eight times more subscribers clicking to get in-depth information.

Ram likes the fact that the statistics panel gives him insights about how his messages are shared in social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. By following his subscribers, he gains immediate access to new pockets of opportunity.

Building expertise.

Ram’s GetResponse experience transformed his marketing. And it became a new way he can help his clients. So if you’re looking for advice on complex platforms like WordPress, Ram’s Gyantastic website is a great place to start. He provides tons of great information on search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, affiliate marketing, and outsourcing.

We congratulate Ram on his success and wish him all the best in the future — a future we’ll be proud to be a part of.

How about you?

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