FREE Whitepaper “Mobilize Email Marketing with QR Codes”


A few weeks ago, Karolina wrote about the new QR Code Generator available in GetResponse. She explained that you could easily create your own QR codes and implement them in your newsletters and email marketing campaigns, and gave a few examples to get you started.


But that’s not all we have for you about QR codes. We know it’s new and maybe baffling to some, if you haven’t tried the Generator yet. So if you’re still wondering how you can use QR codes to improve your email marketing campaign results, we have a very detailed whitepaper which you can download absolutely FREE.

The new whitepaper “Mobilize Email Marketing with QR Codes” will answer one very important question: Why it’s time to “mobilize” your email marketing with QR codes.


With our FREE guide you can learn how to:


  • use QR codes in web forms and more to build your list.
  • integrate QR codes with email marketing campaigns and offline campaigns.
  • use QR Codes with information sharing campaigns.

What’s more, the paper gives you lots of tips and practical advice on how to use QR codes in your daily work or business. Did you know you can add them to signature files? So now you’ll have your “QR code primer” in one place and won’t have to search every time you have a question or need inspiration.


Just download this whitepaper now to get everything you need to get started. Remember, there’s NO cost to you. This guide is absolutely FREE. All you have to do is click DOWNLOAD. And let us know how you use QR codes and what kind of results you’re getting. We’d all be interested in hearing more.

  • Great blog on QR code, I cant wait to test it out.Get Response are always at the cutting edge.With the rise of Smart phone usage it is a whole new market that everyone will have to engage.

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Glad you liked it and we hope this will prove useful!