Get Quick Response with QR Codes


If you’ve read Maciek Ossowski’s latest post, you’ll know what they are and how useful they can be. We’re really glad to announce that starting today, QR codes are available in your GetResponse accounts. Creating them for your email marketing campaigns is now easy as ABC.

Where do I find them?

When you go to Multimedia tab in your account, you’ll find an additional feature called My QR codes:

When you click this option, you’ll find the QRCode tab, and to access the QuickResponse code generator, just click the “Add new QRCode” button on the left.

How do I create a code?

You first need to choose the type of code from a few possible variants:

  • Text – type in any text you want to be displayed on the subscriber’s smartphone after they’ve scanned the code;
  • URL – paste your website address, a specific landing page, a page with a sign up form, or a Facebook fan page – any web page you want the user to be directed to after scanning the code;
  • Phone number – this will save the user typing the digits into their phone – now they’ll just click to scan and press a button to call you. Use that for customer service numbers or any others they’ll need;
  • SMS – type in a phone number and a predefined text message – the user will be able to send it to you with just a click. This can be used for inquiries, contests – anything.
  • Email – type in the address, subject and content of the email, and you’ll enable users to quickly send an email enquiry, request or contest submission. You can then quickly respond to them (hence the name!).
  • Vcard – this is very handy. Just type in your details and the user will be able to add you to their phonebook instantly.

So to summarize the steps, once you’ve entered the data you want to be encoded in the QR code, you simply choose the size (small or medium) – and the code will be automatically generated on the right.

Now all you have to do is name it and save the code – it will be available in your QR code library in Multimedia Studio. Include it in your newsletters and campaigns just as you would an image.

How will this work?

If you paste a QR code into an email, your recipients will have to scan it with their smartphone (see… the QR codes can be on paper, billboards and leaflets as well as in electronic form), and they will instantly be able to perform the actions you intended using the encoded information. No more typing numbers or text messages in tiny smartphone screens – your subscribers will be able to contact you with a camera phone and a click.

There’s more functionality to come in GetResponse QuickResponse codes very soon for all you QR-hungry marketers out there, so stay tuned for news and updates.

Let us know whether (and how) you’ll be using the QR codes – and results you’re getting. Or maybe you have some questions? We want to hear from you!

  • This is great and good to see you guys implementing functionality, that will enhance the autoresponder service. Keep up the good work, I hope you guys will keep introducing more cool features in the future, which will make our life easier.


  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Thanks Muhammad, we’re certainly planning to. 🙂

  • Thank you guys! you’re great! always following the latest tech!

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Thanks Octa, we’re doing our best. 🙂

  • Bob

    Very happy to see the addition of QR Codes.
    Any plans to implement mobile text messaging within Get Response?

  • Tri Sulistriyani

    I’m very glad to hear because GetResponse expand the number of languages ​​available on QR codes and also available in my account GetResponse. how I give advice to know what steps should I do thank you very much yes

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