Advanced segmentation – a sneak preview


We have some great news for our GetResponse users! Next week we’re launching the long-awaited advanced segmentation feature that will help you offer the right products to the right audience at the right time. And now we’re going to give you a sneak peek…

The GetResponse advanced segmentation feature will enable you to capture and easily apply geographic, behavioral and user-profile data to create hyper-targeted email campaigns.

Here’s an exclusive preview of what it will include:

  • Geosegmentation

  • Behavioral segmentation

  • Custom data segmentation

With the new GetResponse segmentation feature, you’ll be able to create precise combinations of conditions for laser-sharp list segmentation. You’ll find it much easier to send relevant offers to people who subscribed within a certain date range, or live in a certain area, or clicked a specific link in a newsletter. And you’ll take giant steps towards increasing engagement and response rates, boosting email campaign revenues, and building relationships with your customers.

This is just a preview, but watch for detailed information coming next week so you can start taking advantage of the new advanced segmentation!

We also wonder whether you have any tips for others on how to effectively segment lists in your business? Your comments and ideas are always welcome.

  • This is exactly what I feel getresponse has been missing. Hopefully this allows to send to subscribers who did not open emails this would officially a lifetime customer. I was thinking about switching to Aweber for that feature alone! Thanks GetResponse look forward to it!

  • anurag

    everybody please share your ideas on this blog sothat we all can together be in touch and try to findout some tasks which we can do….

  • David

    This is going to be an extremely useful feature.

    I am most interested in your Behavioral Segmentation. To confirm.. by using this feature, I can follow up to a previous broadcast but only re-send to those who did not open the original?


  • Kristin

    Thumbs up. I think a lot of people have been waiting for this functionality, and, like Philip, I was wondering if I should go back to Aweber. Thanks for responding to the needs of your customers.

  • If it takes my company to the top of the marketing it will be xtremly usefull

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    @Philip: Yes, you’ll be able to send to those subscribers who haven’t opened a given message. What’s more, you’ll even be able to create a group of those subscribers who haven’t clicked a particular link within the message. Hope you find it useful!
    @David, yes, this exactly what you can do, among other things. 🙂 More detailed info to come.

  • @David: It’s really exciting feature. You will be able to follow up subscribers who didn’t open a message, however please be very careful sending the same messages to your subscribers as they may complain.
    Most importantly, this feature enables to send additional information to subscribers who opened your message or clicked a particular link. For instance, if you promote two different offers in the same message, you’ll be able to distinguish subscribers who clicked the first offer and send them more information with regards to the offer. As a result, your subscribers receive only the information they asked for and your ROI grows faster. 🙂

  • Lisa


    We have been waiting for this feature for a LONG, long time! Great to see it ready soon.

    But PLEASE: make sure that boolean OR searches/segmentations are allowed, for example: if customer is from USA or UK = send. Or, if custom field 1 is UK or country is UK = send (for imported lists).


  • This is GREAT!!!

    I just joined GR from Aweber and this is the first thing I knew was missing

    GREAT move guys, the behaviour segmentation means a LOT more money for email marketers… For anyone that has never done it…

    I’m talking done correctly a 50% increase in revenues !!

    Thanks !!


  • This is a great feature, like other people said I was waiting for this for a long time. Thanks
    M. Smith

  • I absolutely love GetResponse I have been testing other solutions because the lack of segmentation. This is absolutely amazing. This service is now truly the best autoresponder service on the market. Bar none!

    Shannon Herod

  • Fi-nal-ly!!!! Fan-tas-tic!!!

    Come on people, let’s do the funky dance together. Wohoooooo!!!

    Again, fan-tas-tic!!! Thank you so much, getresponse team.

    I’ve been waiting and asking for ALMOST A YEAR for this feature.

    Almost a year…

    Lessons to be learned?

    I’ve checked other blog posts announcing new features, and this is the only one where almost everyone answers consistently with: “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”

    No such reactions were given to “e-mail to speech”, “social media integration” and the “new web forms”.

    As you know, only a small percentage of the readers also become active participants.

    Your BIGGEST ASSET is… your customer base!

    So you should make the gap between you, Getresponse, and us, the customers, smaller. You should make the gap between reading and participating smaller.


    Your customer base should be the main driver of your innovations. They, sorry, WE should be the ones who decide what’s important and what’s not. And not some (your) “idea”, “vague social pressure” or “trend” of what’s cool and fancy.

    In other words, first things first and fancy things only if there’s some time and space.

    And the segmentation feature should have been the very first thing: before all the other fancy stuff like social media integration, cool web forms and so on.

    Concretely, make your customers the main driver of your innovations, because they’re the ones who truly KNOW what they NEED!

    And make them the main driver of your innovations by closing the gap, by making the distance as small as possible between reading and actively participating.

    Incentivize and motivate us for giving you our ideas. Not only by mentioning somewhere on your website a possible reward of 100 usd for our suggestions, but by:

    – asking for our opinions more often via your newsletters. Heck, even mention the customers participation in the footer of your newsletters… in bold! Make it a default, standardized piece of your newsletters.

    – by adding on the Getresponse blog a big fat block in your right column asking for our ideas and incentivizing us for doing so.

    – by giving us a month free or 50% reduction (only once, for example, to avoid abuse) for our ideas and suggestions or some other form of incentive. Whatever it is… INCENTIVIZE MORE! (I know, I repeat myself.)

    – by using more small polls and multiple choice questionnaires in your newsletters, on your blog and in the dashboard, because those types of interventions demand a much smaller effort than the open questions in the “idea goldmine”.

    In a nutshell: make customer driven innovation one of your top priorities. And push… pull… push and pull, again and again for our participation by mentioning that participation on EVERY PIECE of content you produce… On every page of your website, every page of your blog, in every newsletter…

    Want some more ideas? I already sent you one (via the “idea goldmine”) for motivating and simplifying our participation.

    But there’s another one. An amazingly powerful and simple idea:

    1. Launch every month a contest on your blog asking your customers to give their best idea for improving getresponse by leaving a comment.

    2. Install a rating system (plugin or whatever) with thumbs up and thumbs down. Just like in YouTube and so many other blogs and social sites. This rating system must first and foremost work in the commenting section of your blog.

    3. The customers/readers leave their ideas in the comment section and the (same or other ones) customers/readers vote for the idea they like the most.

    4. After a week (or two or whatever time period you chose) you close the contest and you reward the commenter with the most votes by giving him/her whatever incentive (a free month, 50 bucks or whatever).

    So… with that system you motivate/incentivize people for participating AND you get an idea of what people want/need the most.

    6. You implement the best idea(s). By the best I mean the ones who were VOTED BY THE CUSTOMERS.

    By incentivizing our participation and by making customer driven innovation your top priority:

    – you’ll gain a competitive advantage;

    – you’ll make more money;

    – you’ll improve our customer loyalty AND satisfaction ;

    – you’ll make us feel more as a part of a community (VERY VERY POWERFUL AND IMPORTANT, not to be underestimated);

    – and you’ll make us feel as if you really care about us, you’ll make us feel important (also very very important)!

    A true win-win!

    Thank you for your reading time, your patience and…

    for the segmentation feature!


  • Thanks for helping us optimize our email campaigns. I look forward to a higher click through percentage.



  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Thanks Guys for all the enthusiastic comments.
    @Konsti – we’d really like to award your ideas. We will be contacting you via email with all the details. 🙂
    Thanks again for all the feedback – we really appreciate it.

  • I have looked through the new segmentation stuff but still seem to be unable to do what I need to do which is to put people into a variety of different groups according to which courses they have done with us. I need to be able to create a group name and select from my contacts who fits into that group. And then take them in or out if they do a different course. Doesn;t seem like it should be that hard to me but perhaps I am missing something obvious? I don’t need geo segmentation or date joined or whether they opened a newsletter… If anyone can help i would so appreciate it…

  • Gee! It’s like I have just feedback about this a couple of weeks ago and it happens! I was already considering switching to Aweber and had taken out my opt-in form made by Getresponse.

    What I really like most about Aweber or even iContact is the ability to see the exact email that has not open or click on links and not just segment them. This allow us to build or customise a better relationship with that person if we know his name and email address always appears in the list of email not open nor clicking on our links.

    I still have not switch because I was hoping Getresponse will act fast enough for this enhancement as I can see that enhancement is one of the strength of Getresponse so far compare to the rest. There has been many new features improved and had given a facelift all within this year which is exciting. Keep up the good work Getresponse!

  • Only one quick thing to say: listen to your customers and you will be well on your way! Well-done GR!

  • kellis

    it is good news that you are lunching ADVANCE SEGMENTATION it will prove good for all

  • Great news! Other segmentations like new/returning users, geographic location, os used can be obtained from analytics