GetResponse Android App – Now Ready for Download by Hanna Andrzejewska

Are you constantly on the move? Do you dislike the static environment of your office desk? Our new Android App lets you be out-and-about, while you still maintain full control over your email campaigns. Months of testing and polishing have finally resulted in an app for the ultimate user experience – GetResponse Android App.



It’s been at the top of our list since we released the new version of the iPhone App last December. Reactions and urgings from Android users inspired us to redouble our efforts to deliver an app to help them get even more from GetResponse Email Marketing.

And here it is: the brand new GetResponse Android App, providing solutions to free you from your desktop but still let you maintain full control over your email marketing. Simply download it from the Google Play store, tap in and always keep your finger on the pulse.


The key functions you can now control from your phone:

  • Create and send plain text newsletters
  • Preview and send HTML newsletters from drafts or previously sent messages
  • View statistics and reports for your email campaigns and send a report via email (to yourself or your boss )
  • Add contacts to your lists manually, with all details
  • Import contacts from your Android address book into selected campaigns
  • Browse and view contacts in real-time


All in an easy-to-use, intuitive interface:





So don’t wait a minute longer – download the app now and enjoy full mobility without giving up full control of your business.





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Password security tips:

  • use at least 6 characters
  • mix letters and numbers
  • mix lower and uppercase
  • use special characters (e.q. @)