GetResponse App Center Launched


We’re pleased to announce that, thanks to the combined efforts of our team members, we’ve just launched our own apps library: GetResponse App Center to consolidate information about all the applications, systems, platforms, and software that now can connect directly with our email marketing platform.


GetResponse motto is: create excellent products and then raise the bar. That’s why we constantly develop new solutions to optimize your email campaigns’ impact, improve your list building mechanisms and make contact management and marketing data analysis even easier.

And to make integration with other systems and accounts seamless, we’ve collected all the available GetResponse integrations and applications at our new site and continuously work to update it with new ones.

We’ve got it all!

We’ve already made it possible to integrate your account with the CRM and CMS platforms: SalesForce, Joomla! and WordPress.


We’ve also equipped you with tools that facilitate the flow of information between GR and e-commerce systems such as PayPal, 1ShoppingCart and osCommerce.



Integrations recently added to our List Booster will enable seamless import of contacts between GetResponse and your accounts at: Zendesk, Google Contacts and Docs, Plaxo and LinkedIn, all the major email clients such as Apple Mail, Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird and the most important web-based email services, e.g. MSN, Yahoo!, Gmail, etc.

We also offer multi-dimensional integration with various social networks including the leading Twitter and Facebook.

To enable you to track the online behavior of your subscribers, we’ve enabled full integration with Google Analytics.

GetResponse App Center puts together information for all available integrations and applications, along with corresponding learning resources and links.

And more new ones are coming soon…

Add an Integration

We value interaction and cooperation with our creative users and developers and are always happy to reward good ideas, so we’re open to comments and tips.

We’d like to know what other software you use to run your business and what other software integrations you would like to see. This can help us determine our future development priorities.

And if you are developing (or have developed) an app or an integration project involving our email marketing platform, please contact us, so we can help and even pay you! Your brand name and integration solution will be promoted on GetResponse App Center, so you can reach our enormous customer base.

If your objective is to extend your email marketing capabilities across other business platforms to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns, visit our new apps site now.

We look forward to your feedback and tips on other integrations you’d like to see.

  • Oscar

    There is just one probleem with the full Google analytics integration.

    That is that if you have link in a newsletter to a landingspage, which you splittest (for example with Google website optimizer), that the visitor will not be tracked by Google analytics.

    How to solve this?

  • Hanna Andrzejewska

    Hi Oscar,
    glad, you pointed that out – please double-check, perhaps it’s some just general problem with your Google Website Optimizer settings. We use Visual Website Optimizer, and with it everything works fine. And why don’t you contact our support centre – they’ll be happy to help you on this one:

  • Friends-05

    good thank you

  • Vutienthanh1987


  • mario lau

    what’s this?

  • Hi Mario, this the place where all GetResponse integrations with other services or apps are stored – for our Customers’ convenience. Whenever you want to integrate your GR account with a shopping cart or a social network, for instance, you’ll be able to find all the instructions and access here.

  • Diego

    Hi Hanna:

    Does Visual website optimizer integrate with getresponse??