GetResponse Dedicated Website Versions for UK and Germany


This week GetResponse launched website versions specifically to serve the UK and German markets with new domains and sites: and Being a global company with over 215,000 users and customers on every continent, including 10,000 users in UK and 1,500 in Germany, we’ve decided to respond to the growing demand for our services in these two markets with a few improvements.

New fixed pricelist

The new British and German versions are intended to help us draw closer to our prospects and users in these two regions by facilitating order placement, plan upgrades, billing procedures, etc. The new customized fixed pricelists in GBP and EUR will no longer be based on updated currency exchange rates, thus they won’t be affected by abrupt currency fluctuations and financial market influences.

As of today we can offer and guarantee price stability to all our UK and German customers to reward the trust they placed in us by choosing our services. In addition, to say thank you, we’ve set our prices to be highly competitive and to offer the most for the least with the top rates in emailing market, going as low as £9.84 and €11.48 per month (unlimited outgoing volume). Our pricing model is, as always, based on the number of subscribers, rather then outgoing volume, and can be a fresh, new alternative to the “pay-per-emails-sent” model, prevailing in these markets.

From now on, based on their location, our users and visitors in these two regions will be redirected to the appropriate language version of the site.


Willkomen! Welcome Britain!

The launch of the two language versions is part of GetResponse’s plan to become more active in both markets: improve our customer support policies, participate in UK- and Germany-based online marketing events, and gain better knowledge of the region-specific marketing challenges. All that to respond to our customers’ needs more accurately, build stronger relationships, and help our prospects’ joint partnerships, tailor-made GetResponse360 plans, and affiliate programs.

GetResponse’s top priority has always been to give users a spectrum of options, so they can make their own choices. That’s why we believe our presence in the British and German markets will increase the range of available solutions, stimulate the development of online marketing services and introduce a new quality of email marketing for all the SMBs in the region.


So, Britain, Germany, get ready! Here we come!