GetResponse Email Marketing Metrics Around the World – the Report by GetResponse

We would like to share with you an extremely interesting and useful set of stats, with a different slant. Have you ever wondered how your email response rates stack up against other email marketers in your country? How about how the response rates of other continents compare to yours’?  Did you just assume they would be similar? Get ready to be surprised!

Our most recent study took on the world! We analyzed over 1.6 billion GetResponse emails sent from 95 countries and six continents! The results we got are the facts – only the facts – so no country or regional prejudices allowed! Let’s take a look:

Highlights from our Email Metrics by Continents Study:

  • ­    The average open rate in North America was 10.76%.  Europe was the clear leader with 13+%, more than 60% higher than the low score of 8.08%, delivered by Australia and Oceania.
  • ­    More than 40 out of every 100 recipients who opened a message sent from Europe clicked on a link. In North America, less than one out of every three opened and clicked on a link.
  • ­    In Asia, one of every four subscribers who clicked on an email link did it twice. In North America, just one out of eight clicked on a link twice.
  • ­    North America had the highest bounce rate (2.17%) and the second highest complaint rate (0.12%) among all the continents. (South America came in first with 0.13%).
  • Australia returned the lowest bounce, complaint, and unsubscribe rates.

Of course, that’s just a sampling of the global email metrics. But don’t worry…we’ve got this study ready for distribution today! We really hope these stats will provide insights into areas of email marketing that need improvement, and areas that are doing well. – plus it’s totally FREE! You can download it HERE.

Just click to get your copy of the GetResponse “Email Marketing Metrics Around the World” and use these results to keep improving your email marketing campaigns − or maybe engage in some healthy competition?





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