GetResponse’s Expert Appointed Fusion Marketing Experience Correspondent for


You know him from our blog and probably a few other places on the Internet. GetResponse’s own Maciej Ossowski has just been appointed the official correspondent for at this year’s Fusion Marketing Experience March 23rd in Brussels. He’ll be bringing all the latest social media and email marketing buzz to EmailExpert readers round the world, so bookmark the site, if you haven’t already!

More about Maciej Ossowski: he’s the Senior Email Marketing Expert at GetResponse. His main focus is on optimizing email deliverability, improving conversion rates and increasing email marketing ROI for GetResponse customers. He’s also the author of numerous expert articles on email marketing you can find via Google and, of course, a frequent contributor to our blog. If that weren’t enough, he also runs Poland’s prime email marketing blog,, on the other hand, is an industry-leading website to which Maciek regularly contributes as a columnist.

As EmailExpert mentions, Maciej will be responsible for live reporting from this year’s Fusion Marketing Experience, providing real time social media coverage and interviews with conference speakers.

“I am very happy that Maciej has joined the EmailExpert team as a blogger and had no hesitation nominating him as official correspondent to the event, his deep understanding of email marketing will ensure he is able to derive great value to our readers, who for whatever reason are unable to attend this event.”

Andrew Bonar, publisher of

Fusion Marketing Experience is considered a “must attend” for e-marketers of every stripe. What makes it outstanding is the “experience” part… the close interaction between speakers and attendees, as opposed to the typical tradeshow mosh pit. The event focuses on multi-channel social marketing and the list of speakers includes the most famous names in the social media and email marketing world, such as Olivier Blanchard, Dela Quist, Dave Chaffey and many more. It’s expected to be one of the most interesting – and blogged about – digital marketing events in Europe.

We’re really proud Maciek will be the official correspondent for this event and for such a reputable site as Of course, Maciek has already promised he’ll share everything that’s interesting, useful and trending with our valued blog readers.

If you plan on visiting Fusion Marketing Experience and want to talk to Maciej, you can contact him directly via Twitter @maciej_ossowski or give him a call on +48 784 639 386.