GetResponse in German


As promised in January, we’re expanding the number of languages available in the GetResponse panel. Today, we’re happy to announce that GetResponse is now available in German – one of the world’s major languages with around 100 million native speakers.

As was the case with Spanish, the professionally translated German user interface will make it easier for native German speakers to navigate and use GetResponse to create engaging newsletters and campaigns.

And again, we’re really hoping the new German version will help our users feel more confident using the tools and enable even more creativity in their native-language campaigns.

To start using the German version today, just log in to your GetResponse account, and in the footer you will be able to select German as your language. Just choose the right hand flag from the “Choose your language” option.

As always, if you want to share your impressions, have any questions, or feel that some translated text could be improved, just write to us and let us know how!

* * *

Wie im Januar versprochen, erweitern wir die Anzahl der Sprachen des GetResponse Panels. Heute haben wir gute Nachrichten für alle deutschsprachigen Email-Marketer. GetResponse steht jetzt auf Deutsch zur Verfügung – einer der weltweit wichtigsten Sprachen, mit rund 100 Millionen Muttersprachlern.

Ähnlich wie mit Spanisch, wird die professionell übersetzte deutsche Benutzeroberfläche es deutschsprachigen Kunden erleichtern GetResponse zu navigieren und zu benutzen, um somit attraktive Newsletter und Kampagnen erstellen zu können.

Und wir hoffen, dass die neue deutsche Version unseren Nutzern hilft sich sicherer im Umgang mit GetResponse zu fühlen, für mehr Kreativität ihrer Kampagnen.

Um noch heute mit der deutschen Version arbeiten zu können, loggen Sie sich auf Ihr GetResponse Konto ein und in der Fußzeile der Website können Sie „deutsch“ als Sprache auswählen. Wählen Sie einfach die entsprechende  Fahne bei der “choose your language”-Option aus.

Wenn Sie Ihre Eindrücke teilen möchten, oder Fragen haben oder das Gefühl haben, dass ein Text verbessert werden könnte, schreiben Sie uns einfach und lassen Sie es uns wissen!

  • nice.

    i have waited really long for this..
    especially because my english is not so good to and it has token a long time to understand the service…

  • I was introduced to G/R through a service I was using, right away I was able to see how I can use your service to benefit me tremendous in my own business. The introduction of the German language is extremely beneficial to us in the www market.Like Derreichesack the respondent before, it is taking me a LONG time to apply your service to my system.Your service seem EASY to understand however for me the application of your service is not easy for me to apply.I am thankful for your customer service reps, I am not going to give up, but keep working to make the application of your service easier to apply for the non- savvy, non technical individual like myself to reduce the amount of time (month) spent trying to put an application together. Do a survey to find out the time frame it’s taking to put together basic steps,then create a plan for different levels so everyone could grow faster and stronger.
    Thank You for your service it is awesome.

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Thanks for all your comments. We’re really glad you find our features useful and we’ll of course continue developing our service to bring you even more.

  • Tri K

    Get Response is very good;; and adaptive to every country and languages.

  • This is also very important for the names in the opt-in forms.
    Not only the mail content, but the many names in german use this letters.

    Swiss, Austria and Germany use these letters.

  • My question disappear here…:
    I was asking if the 4 critical german characters are well displayed in the Mail subject, content and the optin NAME of the prospects. The charackters are Ää Öö Üü ß

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Hi Ivan, if you set the coding in your emails to UTF-8 (the coding can be changed in the general settings of a campaign, and it’s set by default to UTF-8), all German characters will be displayed. Cheers.

  • Thank You very much.

  • Ok, I was thinking again about your words: “Hi Ivan, if you set the coding in your emails to UTF-8…”

    But what happens with the Opt-in forms?
    If somebody’s name is: Günther Möller-Gräser…
    Will this be stored right in the databank?

    THX again for your answers.

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Hi Ivan, yes, this also includes sign up forms.

  • Fine. These are good news and “Unique Buying Prepositions”
    for European Users :))))))))
    Thanks for your answers.
    By the way, there is a WordPress Plugin “Subscribe-to-comments”.
    This plugin helps to be notified by email, when a new comment or answer is posted below the article. With just one click beside the Submit Button 🙂

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Thanks for your feedback Ivan, we do appreciate it! 🙂 Cheers!

  • Can I import my .csv-list of subscribers to start with your service?

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Yes, you can do that from the Contacts menu of your account. Please be aware that this is double opt-in import, which means all of your contacts will receive a confirmation message. If you want to void this, please contact our Support and they’ll be able to import the list for you.

  • Thank You. That helps.

  • Is there a “Datenschutz”-Page in german? I mean this one, linked in the optin forms:
    but in german?

    can I change the text of the confirmation-link, To something like “Yes subscribe me” “Ja, bitte schick mir Deinen Newsletter”
    instead of:

  • Piotr Krupa

    Hi Ivan,
    We are working on this page and it will be available in German soon.

    Regarding the confirmation link, it’s obligatory but you can insert your domain name instead of You can also add your own paragraph to the confirmation email.

  • Thank you for the comming translation.
    This is important for the prospects who dont know anything about optin forms and so on…

    In the second part of your answer:

    You mean that I can replace the domain in the confirmation-link?

    instead of:


    THX for answering so fast 🙂

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Hi Ivan, yes, you can replace the domain, here’s what you have to do:

    You need to have your domain name servers pointed at
    GetRetresponse :


    *The NS records should point to the registrar and A
    record to our IP.* – this is very important as if this is
    not set correctly it will not work.

    If you are using this domain name for a different
    purpose (i.e. your mailbox or your website), you will
    no longer be able to do that. That is why we recommend
    to register a new domain name which would be used
    solely for your GetResponse campaigns.

    In order to integrate your domain please go to My account
    >>My domains.

  • Very interesting. Sounds good.
    I thank you for your great support here.
    I’m sure the answers are very helpful for other
    prospects too.

    If I want to embed some images in my newsletter,
    than I think it will be the best, when I host the
    images on the same webspace under the new domain
    that I will install just for the GR-mailings, right?

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    Hi Ivan,

    The easiest way to add images to messages created within GetResponse is simply uploading them into your Multimedia storage in your GetResponse account. With a PRO account, you can store up to 1GB of multimedia files.

    Then the images will be stored on GetResponse servers and it will be possible to add them to HTML messages by clicking Multimedia button in the message editor.