GetResponse Integrates Magento, Zoho, Highrise And More


In response to our customers’ demand GetResponse has jus launched integrations with 7 new e-commerce, CRM and CMS platforms to improve synchronization and data flow all now available straight from your account.




GetResponse integrations available in your account now include the following 7 platforms:


  • Magento
  • Zoho
  • Highrise
  • Shopify
  • Batchbook
  • Formstack
  • Freshbooks



Fully-integrated platforms

Some of them – Magento, Batchbook, Zoho and Shopify – are available from the Integrations panel in the My account tab. One-time authorization of of these platforms in your account allows immediate import of up to 10,000 contacts, followed by weekly automatic updates of your lists with fresh contacts.

Import-only platforms

Highrise, Formstack and Freshbook integrations are located in panel Import contacts > Another service. Again, the import is contingent upon authorization of your account.

The GetResponse system doesn’t run automated updates for these three platforms. However, the import volume is unlimited (it will import all your contacts from one account to another) and you can update your lists by running the import procedure whenever you wish.



Integration + import

Two of the platforms – Magento and Batchbook (as well as previously introduced Salesforce) – are available in both Imports and Integrations. If you have only a temporary account in one of these platforms, or are planning to cancel it once your campaign is over, you don’t need to integrate your account permanently. You can use one-time import authorization in the Import contacts panel.


Get the full details

Detailed information regarding all the new add-ons is available at GetResponse App Center, a directory of applications and software that interface with GetResponse.


Stay tuned for more software integrations

The new integrations were developed in response to a huge demand and countless inquiries from you – our customers – and definitely will be followed by more.

So if you’d like to see GetResponse integrate with any software you use to run your business – give us a shout, and we’ll put it on our “To integrate” list.



  • David

    Does this mean that if the HighRise integration is used that an opt-in email will go out to the entire HighRise population? And….will this occur each time you do an import? Contacts will tire of this quickly.

  • Anonymous

    Hi David,
    all the integrations are actually based on the single opt-in model (based on settings of the services that we integrate), so no worries – no one will drop from your communication.