GetResponse iPhone App 2.0 Now Available on the AppStore


Your iPhone just got a whole lot smarter now that the new GetResponse email marketing app is available for download at the Apple AppStore.

Now you have the email marketing power of GetResponse, right at your finger tips!


One can certainly make the argument that the real power of the iPhone lies not in the hardware, but in the apps it can run. In fact, you could put that argument forward for any smartphone. Just as with desktop or laptops, without powerful and useful applications, a smartphone is just a cordless phone with one heck of a range. It’s the software that makes phones smart.

Email marketers are extremely busy people, constantly on the go, which explains why they love their iPhones. Now they can get that love right back from their iPhones with the new GetResponse iPhone App available for download.

It doesn’t matter if you are stuck in traffic, a meeting or an elevator, the GetResponse iPhone app let’s you manage your email marketing campaigns like no other iPhone app ever has!


Here are the key features of the new app:


  • Create and send plain text newsletters straight from the iPhone
  • Preview and send HTML newsletters from drafts or previously sent messages
  • View statistics and reports for your email campaigns and send a report in an email (to yourself or your boss ;))
  • Add contacts to your list manually or import them from your iPhone address book into selected campaigns
  • Search contacts in real-time


And here’s what it’ll look like in your iPhone:


Plain text message editor


Re-send your HTML newsletters


Email marketers now have an iPhone app which is almost as smart as they are!

Download it from the AppStore – try it out with your campaignsand let us know how it’s working for you!

  • Arif

    Will you be releasing a Android Version?

  • Hi Arif, it’s on the GetResponse to do list, watch the blog for updates.