GetResponse proudly launches Form Builder


We are very happy to announce the launch of a much-anticipated feature –  GetResponse Form Builder! Now you can create eye-catching web forms tailored to your needs in minutes!

The all-new GetResponse Form Builder (thanks for helping us choose the name) will help your sign-up forms shout “Sign up here!” to potential subscribers on your website, blog or social media pages.

With the new, great-looking web forms you will:

  • maximize sign ups and accelerate list building
  • enhance your segmentation
  • increase web form conversions, results and ROI


You don’t need any special skills to create a functional and impressive web sign-up form. The whole process is very straightforward and intuitive – just follow these simple steps:

  • Pick the design that best suits your business – choose from 500+ beautiful predefined templates!
  • Drag and drop to add the fields you need. Use checkboxes, radio buttons, text or drop-down menus and place them wherever you want.
  • Create your custom headers and footers or change labels and links. And of course you can always change the size, color and shape of your web form to fit your web page.



Voila! Your sign-up form is complete and ready to publish on your website or social media page in seconds. With the new Form Builder, you can now also:

  • Engage your new subscribers with dynamic audio and video in your Thank-you pages.
  • Track how many times each sign-up form has been viewed and filled in using our web form statistics.


“GetResponse Form Builder is making it easy for non-techies like me to create beautiful web forms with ease! What a wonderful upgrade!”

David More, GetResponse customer


To see how addictive creating web forms can become with the new Form Builder, take a look at this video tutorial.

Stay tuned for more ideas on our blog on how you can use this “sign-up power tool” to increase and segment your subscriber lists.

But in the meantime, why wait? Log in to your GetResponse account and test the brand new Form Builder for yourself, and don’t forget to share your opinion on the tool with us!

  • I like the upgrade of the webforms but, I’ve been having issues with it all day. When I make edits esp on the width it does save it in the code. When I try to copy the code I get hung up. Dont think it my lap top or my connection because all my other application work fine

  • Ivan

    I am having issues when abandoning the default size of the form, to make it larger, the new size is not saved in previews or shown in the code.

  • Bee

    I have major problems to
    Change the Colour for the Text on the Submit Button.
    There is a bug in the system that throughts me back
    to Menu – “Create Form Mail”

    When today will this be fixed ???

    been Waiting for this for 8 hours now to be corrected !!!

  • It’s too bad that you have to pay extra to use this great new feature. I was excited until I saw that it was going to cost me extra.

  • finally… 🙂 right on.

  • Horsky

    Can I insert a web form into a newsletter?

  • How do we access this feature? Can’t seem to find it anywhere when I am logged in.

  • Wow This is what I’m talking about…
    I’m gonna stick with Getresponse!

  • Piotr Krupa

    Thank you all for your comments! We hope that by creating beautiful web forms you’ll get more sign ups and improve your email marketing results.

    @Monica, you can access Form Builder from your GetResponse Dashboard in the main features section, just next to “Multimedia”.

    @Horsky, you can publish your GetResponse newsletters on almost every website including blogs and Facebook pages. Unfortunately, the web form will not work in newsletters.

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    @Dr Wight T – You don’t have to pay extra for the new Form Builder. It comes as an absolutely free feature with your account and there’s no additional fee for that, including free accounts. Hope you decide to use it after all!

  • There are no templates for a gardening site. Why was home and garden excluded?

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    We’re always looking forward to any suggestions from you to improve our services – this is what the comments are for. So thanks for this one, we’ll definitely take this into account when widening the range of web form templates.
    And in the meantime, maybe you could use any of the other templates?

  • Other than using that plain template you have, there are no other templates that can be used for a gardening site. And that plain template is just that…a plain template that says nothing and has no character.

    After all these years waiting for this to happen and I still can’t have a decent web form on my site. Why? Because getresponse completely ignored the fact that there are paid customers that have gardening sites and didn’t create web forms for gardening.

    Needless to say, I am not a happy camper and this should not be a suggestion to getresponse. Gardening templates should have been included in the process from day one.

  • Karolina Stefanowicz

    @Diana – Just to let you know, our designer’s preparing a couple of new web form designs at the moment, including ones suitable for gardening businesses, so they’re soon be available for you in GetResponse. Hope you’ll find them useful.

  • Adejodan

    This feature is nice, i appreciate it a lot. @Karolina, thanks for your support, they are helpful. Thanks once more.