GetResponse WordPress Plugin


Build your list while you generate buzz! This new GetResponse plugin allows you to quickly and easily add a sign-up form to your blog’s sidebar. It’s compatible with WordPress 2.8.6 or higher blog version. No additional code required! Includes options for configuring Customs, Conformation URLs and more!

Download the plugin:

Installation instructions:

1.    Extract all files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2.    Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3.    Go to wigets and configure you plugin!

  • Mike

    Awesome. I use WP for my blog so I’m welcoming this latest addition with open arms. Thanks GR!

  • Michel Fortin

    FANTASTIC!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    It’s about time, too. 😉

  • Kate Grochowska

    Hey guys, we’re glad that once again we’ve been equal to task. It’s all to help you improve your business and hope it’ll do!

  • Hansjoerg Niederegger

    i just asked somebody to create one!
    realy cool stuff. makes life much easier.

  • Cédric

    Great News !

    I had to integrate the form manually in the sidebar in PHP but this is going to be great for people who are non technical like some of my clients !

    Well done I am going to test it !


  • Paul Andagalu

    I have just one word AWESOME

  • Andy

    That’s great – in the past I’ve had to fiddle with widgets and alter code to fit.

    This will make life a whole lot easier.


  • Techtrainer58

    Outstanding…..I was just trying to figure out how to do this…..and you already went and done it!! Makes it so easy, thanks guys!

  • Peter Jay

    Thanks Kate..

    Nice plugin. I’m Getresponse client too. Please allow me to share my opinion.

    Getresponse is a great email marketing tools. I love it. I think most of us (client) waiting for Getresponse to build a Lightbox Hover like Aweber already done. Currently Getresponse Light Box is too small, can’t show off eBook cover and can’t be adding one or two line eBook description. In case if giveaway an eBook through blog or website.


  • amazon marketing

    It is incredible how several folks do not recognize this. Thank you for this incredibly informative write-up, and I appear forward to seeing a lot more within the around long term!

  • Stephanie Fairbrook

    Very nice, I’m a big fan of WordPress and it’s great to see new quality plugins getting released. Going to download and check it out, looks exactly like what I was looking for for quite a time. So, thanks alot!

  • wordpress affiliate

    thanks for that data, turned out to become quite useful.

  • Thanks! This is a great plugin!

    I would recommend adding support for custom field TYPEs. So that for example, I can create a radio button for Gender selecetion.

  • One thing i did notice. You have left out $before_widget, $after_widget, as well as $before_title and $after_title. And this makes the plugin NOT compatible with a lot of themes.

  • I tried it and it works BUT the form will be placed outside the page (actually just after footer). I am having GridFocus theme. Any tips what should I do?

  • Gianluca Bottaro

    Kate, a question.
    This plugin in very good, but what I need (and I think many need), is to integrate getresponse with signup wordpress process.

    I sow some different memebership plugin, but none give this option.

    In other word, I will have a blog with different membership level (lead, customer) with different content, and want when someone signup, signup for getresponse too.

    May u advise me any plugin to do it, or any way to do it?

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Does this work with the new webforms? It am having trouble getting the correct form to appear in the pop-up version. Thanks, Donnie

  • You guys need to create one just like Aweber has, that integrates the comment system of our blogs with our opt-in list.

    I almost change to Aweber just because of this feature.

  • Does this plugin send an email to subscribers when I make a new post to my blog? If it does then I will get started with a new GetResponse account today. 🙂

  • This is a good plug-in. A nice enhancement would be to have a WordPress shortcode available so I can add a form to a page.

  • Creative

    I keep getting an error page, after trying to sign up…it is configured in the settings…

  • Hi,

    Can you please contact our Customer Support with the details of your account? They’ll help you set up the form.

  • Hi Jonathan, yes, you can now do that plus post an automatic update to your social media sites, too.

  • NoSPam

    Your recent plugin upgrade for wordpresss is not working for me

  • This doesnt work for years or..?
    I’m asking because for real it’s not working..