Three Great Email Campaigns for Learning Marketing


When it comes to marketing campaigns we all know the ones which stick in our heads. Whether it be for all the right reasons, such as the annual saccharine offerings from John Lewis – or for missing the mark entirely, like Pepsi’s recent misstep.

When designing our own marketing campaigns, we’d all rather create something which connects with our audiences in a meaningful way, and create a mutually beneficial relationship between business and customer. This should be relatively easy to achieve with a huge budget and a television commercial, but what about creating an email campaign which hits just as hard?

When people are watching television, they will usually sit through the adverts for lack of anything better to do. Emails, however, have a far tougher time getting noticed due to customers receiving a lot of them, and it being far easier to hit delete than open. The pressure is on, therefore, to create emails which really grab people’s attention.

There have been many innovative and creative email campaigns put out by teams who really know what they’re doing. Here are three of the best.


1. Charity: Water

water charity's great email campaign

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One element of email marketing which is often overlooked is transactional emails. These are the emails you receive when you perform an action via a website. It may be changing your password, making a purchase, or signing up for a newsletter – transactional emails make sure you have a record of any changes made to your account.

Charity: Water had a great idea on how to leverage transactional emails to keep their donors informed. When you donate to the charity, you get regular emails from them informing you of the ways in which your money is being used. You get a timeline showing how far along the journey your money is, as well as a map and information about the area in which the work is being done.

They serve as a reminder of the value of the charity – and that’s a great tactic for keeping donators engaged.


2. Uber


uber's great email campaigns

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App-based taxi firm Uber is having a bit of a PR nightmare at the moment – but it’s certainly not for their email campaigns.

The best email campaigns keep things simple, and Uber excels at this. They always have a very clear and informative subject line and a direct call to action. The design of the emails is consistent with the branding on their website – all white space and sharp geometric patterns, invoking the feeling of a map – which helps keep the Uber brand easily recognisable.

Uber then adds in a little bit of fun, as you can see from the image above, with some creative use of the words and typeface. It’s the same message, with one simply containing more detail than the other. Those skimming the email will pick up the essence of what the offer entails and how to activate it, while those who want more information can read the parts in pale grey and get all the details.

By embracing how most people consume email content, Uber has created a unique and elegant way of getting its message across.


3. Postmates


postmates great email campaign

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GIFs are the new JPEGs.

Ever since Facebook started allowing people to comment on posts and message each other using these short and fun little animations, their popularity has soared. GIFs are now rapidly replacing emojis and stickers as the image-based response format of choice for social media users the world over.

When advertising their new partnership with Mexican-style fast-food chain Chipotle, freelance courier company Postmates used GIFs to make its emails really sparkle. A bright colourful bowl of Mexican rice and salad surrounded by a ring of dancing tortilla chips couldn’t fail to catch the eye of anyone who opened the email.

The recipient instantly knows what the email is about, and is incentivised to act by the GIF being immediately followed by a Chipotle/Postmates promotional offer. When people are going through their inbox, they need to know straight away if the email is something they are interested in, and this campaign from Postmates absolutely nails it – the customers’ appetite is whetted by the (quite hypnotic) GIF, and then further temptation is added by the offer.

The customer needs only read roughly five words. Combined with making sure the emails are sent at optimum times – before lunch and dinnertimes – Postmates shows how an eye-catching GIF can make all the difference when getting your emails noticed.


What are your favorite email campaigns? Head down to the comment section and let us know all about them.


three great email campaigns for learning marketing