How to Grow Your Subscribers List in 2015


A large, healthy email subscriber list is absolutely fundamental when it comes to running successful email marketing campaigns. However, the majority of email marketers declare that they still struggle to grow their list. This is why we have launched the GetResponse List Building Program – an action-based course to build your list with up to 10,000 subscribers. I also decided to browse our blog history and compile a few posts and infographics in order to offer you a large collection of information on list building.

Guide of build your subscribers list:

  1. Something to start with
  2. Building your list offline
  3. List building post series
  4. Growing a list with social media


The GetResponse List Building Program

Since most email marketers claim that building a list of engaged subscribers is the most challenging task, we’ve decided to start the new year with a different approach. This month we have launched the GetResponse List Building Program – a comprehensive, action-based course that will help you build a list of up to 10,000 subscribers in either 90 or 180 days.

The course is FREE for all GetResponse customers and provides exclusive and useful information on how to increase the reach of emails, boost conversions, gain engaged subscribers, and how to combine all online tools available to maximize the effectiveness of email marketing. Each session consists of a video tutorial, presentation (pdf), and article (pdf).

Every participant that completes the program receives a GetResponse University Certificate of Performance, but most importantly – his email list is substantially bigger.


A compendium of list building

Along the years, we have published a lot of useful information about growing and nurturing a list. I decided to browse our blog history and compile a few posts in order to offer you a valuable (and extensive) source of information on list building. Let’s have a quick look at what we have presented so far:


1. Something to start with

For absolute beginners I recommend the following infographics:

Here you will find out why email is still the perfect business communication channel and how to start building and cultivating a killer email list. It offers tips for those who are getting started as well as the ones who are getting bigger.

It’s a fact that an average US Internet user spends 7.8 hour per week checking email. 92% of marketers claim that their email marketing effectiveness has improved over the last 12 months. This infographic shows how marketers can harvest from the growing email trend and cultivate more profitable subscription lists.


2. Building your list offline

If you want your list to grow big, you should use every possible opportunity to collect valuable email addresses. In this blog post you will find five tips for building your list offline, including flyers, POS and guest register, and QR codes.

For all those who frequently participate in trade shows, conferences, and other business events we have developed the Forms on the Go app. You can easily create signup forms and ask the people you meet to subscribe to your email campaigns. It lets you collect valuable leads and helps you grow your business when you’re offline.


3. List building post series

In order to provide you with detailed information on different aspects of a successful list building campaign, we have published two blog post series.

How to Build an Email List Fast gives you insight valuable insight into:

We have also published a complete guide on how to Write an Ebook That Sells Itself (and Builds Your Email List). These posts will help you learn how to write an ebook that builds credibility and helps elevate your expert status. You will also learn how to publish, promote and sell your work, and build your email list at the same time. The series consists of 4 parts:

Part 1: Why write an ebook and how to bust beliefs that are holding you back

Part 2: Choosing a fail proof idea that will work every time and get your audience thinking about it

Part 3: How to write that ebook already and get it ready for the world

Part 4: How to sell that ebook and build your email list


4. Growing a list with social media

Every marketer knows that social media is the pillar of a successful marketing strategy. Part 2 of the How to Build an Email List Fast series was entirely on social media. Which is why we’ve also taken a closer look at Facebook Custom Audiences and Facebook Ads.


Other list building techniques


Right now more than a third of Internet traffic is video and 52% of marketers name video as their most effective marketing channel. In this blog post we share with you 9 Ways to Build Your Email List with Videos.



Webinars can be an excellent tool for building your authority, raising your credibility, and elevating brand recognition. They can help you attract traffic to your website and generate loads of qualified leads. Read the following post in order to discover the full potential of webinars.



Receiving a bonus, a freebie, or a reward is one of the most important reasons for people to sign up for a newsletter. This infographic explains how to incentivize a subscription. Just take a look and choose your desired way of rewarding customers.


Now, it’s time to use the resources and start building your list. Log in to your GetResponse account and join the list building program. Grow your contact base and share your progress in the comments below.