Holiday promotion – Summary by GetResponse


We’d like to share some great news with you! Remember the special Holiday gift we prepared this year – Free Video Emails. Forever? All you needed to do was open or upgrade an account to get free video emails for the life of your account!

Well, the Holiday is over, and sadly, so is our Free Video Promotion. But the New Year is here, and we can’t wait to announce how many of you are using our video gift right now! So sit back and read carefully, as these are only a sampling of the stats!

We analyzed the number of accounts with access to GetResponse Multimedia Studio before and after the promotion. The numbers clearly show that accounts with access to Multimedia Studio increased by more than 93%! That means you’re really starting to appreciate the ROI you can get when you include multimedia files in your messages. Super!

What’s more, we found that during the promotion, the number of video emails increased by more than 81%! So we hope our promotion encouraged you to use more video in your marketing mix! It sure didn’t take you long to catch on! Good for you!

This news is great to hear, as it tells us we’re offering promotions that can really grow your business. Thank you all for your participation and enthusiasm! Of course, the best news is that video email can improve your campaign results by 96% or more!





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