How are People Viewing Email Today? by Guest Blogger

According to a new report by Return Path (reported at webmail still leads the pack when it comes to how people access their email. The data puts webmail in the lead with 44%, followed by desktop email at 33% with 23% for mobile email access.


Return Path analyzed email data from April to September 2011 and found that mobile email views were up a healthy 34% from their study last year. Webmail was down by 11% and desktop clients dropped by 9.5%. But it’s not smartphones that seemingly took the biggest bite here, it was the iPad. Tablet usage leapt up by 73% for the April to September time period.

There’s more than one factor which influences how people will access their email and that’s why you should be testing constantly so you can optimize your email marketing campaigns. That’s why we released our new integrated email analytics tool.

Factors such as time of day and day of week influence where consumers will read their email. On weekdays, desktops provide the majority of email usage, but interestingly, the mobile views go up on weekends. The tendency to see smartphones as primarily a tool for business is changing. Unless you spend a lot of time on the road or traveling, at work you are probably more likely to view email on your desktop. On the weekend you may be highly mobile, but even if you aren’t, if you have a smartphone, reading your email on the patio, enjoying a little sunshine is very appealing.

So what does all this mean? It means that in today’s changing marketing reality, marketers must test every aspect of their campaigns in order to deliver the best possible experience to their customers. That’s why GetResponse is developing integrated analytical and testing tools such as our new free Inbox Preview tool, so you can:


  • Send newsletters that look great in 20 major email clients
  • Get to know your subscribers better
  • Be more relevant
  • Be more engaging
  • Be more successful


Oh, and we also created a really cool iPhone app because we understand email marketers like to hang out on the patio too.





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