How to Use Facebook to Build Your Email List


With the launch of our Facebook sign up form app, we’ve given you some technical info on how to embed a form on your fan page. Successful setup is merely the beginning. How to make it work for you? And how to incorporate it in your list building strategy? Here are a few tips.




So you’ve managed to add a nice sign up form to your fan page and created a separate campaign to which your Facebook contacts will be added.


Tip: The form looks best if you make it 510 pixels wide, so it takes up most of the tab’s width. Our app doesn’t yet include an option to center the form or align left or right.



Important: We’re currently working on a new version of the Facebook sign up application that will give you many more options to choose from. Look for a detailed announcement very soon.


Now What?

Where do you find new contacts and get them to sign up?


First of all, you need to attract fans to your fan page. Then you need to let them know they can sign up for a newsletter.


The first thing you can – and should – do is to designate the sign up tab as the default landing page on your fan page. People who are not yet your fans will see this tab first when they arrive on your fan page. You’ll find instructions on how to do this in this post.



This option won’t work for those who are your fans already, so be sure to let them know on your wall that you’ve added a sign up tab to your page. And remind them every now and again, linking to the sign up tab.


You can also give the tab a distinctive name to attract more attention (described here).



Incentivize to Get More Sign Ups

How can you encourage fans to enter their email addresses on your fan page? Think for a moment whether you want to add them to one of your regular campaigns or create a special campaign dedicated to your fans.


Either way, offer attractive content that they won’t want to miss. Perhaps you can offer a special discount for your products—a discount dedicated only to those who signed up via Facebook.




If you haven’t considered promoting your fan page using Facebook Ads, it might be worth taking a look. They could become a valuable element of your strategy and help you reach a larger audience with your offer. There are a few things you probably should consider:


  • Make the Ad Attractive – Use eye-popping design and a catchy title, with equally catchy content; (you’ll find guidelines for creating ads here.) Use a clear call to action that will make people want to click your ad.
  • Target, Target, Target – It’s the same rule as with email campaigns. Facebook gives you plenty of possible ways to target a specific audience. Instead of targeting keywords, you target people. Specify preferences, targeting people with certain hobbies, language, city and many other criteria.
  • Link the Ad to the Landing Tab – Or link it to your sign up tab, for that matter. Remember to relate the content of the ad to the tab where the prospects will land.


Promote Your Fan Page Elsewhere

Direct people to your Facebook page – AND your sign up form – from other places around the web (and not just the web). Place links to Facebook on your website or blog. Print QR codes on your leaflets or receipts, sending the users straight to the sign up tab.


Remember, your Facebook sign up form can be just another channel to get contacts for your campaigns, or you can create a separate campaign with exclusive “fan-only” content. It’s up to you – whatever you choose, the main rule stays the same. Don’t forget to make it worthwhile. 




Make Your Fan Page Interesting

If your fan page is just another place for a sign up form, you can’t expect it to work. Fans are inclined to be more loyal customers, so it’s definitely worth fighting for their attention. Don’t just set up the form and leave it; provide interesting content on the fan page itself, so people will want to visit – and sign up for your newsletters, too.




And one more thing – consider where your potential customers hang out. If Facebook is not the place, search for other means of communication. Remember, you have plenty equally interesting options.


Tip: Remember – the fact that someone “likes” your page doesn’t mean they’ve agreed to receive emails from you, even if you can see their email address on Facebook. Only when they’ve opted-in via your sign up form and confirmed can you start sending newsletters and follow ups.


Let us know how you’re doing with your sign up forms. Are they working for you? Have you got any advice for others? Comments welcome!

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