HTML messages improve your CTR! by GetResponse

The battle between HTML and plain text messages continues, but is it waning? And in whose favor? It’s true that HTML messages are much more eye-catching with professionally designed templates and gorgeous graphics and photos. And you can get more and better statistics using HTML. On the other hand, plain text emails can be opened in all email boxes and mobile devices. If you’re sending a really important message or financial statement, that’s a big plus!

We analyzed over 1.1 billion emails sent from GetResponse accounts between July and December 2009. And the results clearly showed that HTML emails averaged 59% higher CTR than plain text messages. So clearly, once opened, recipients were more engaged with HTML emails!

But what makes HTML messages more “clickable”?

Here are a few tips on how to make your HTML messages more “click-friendly”, so you can improve engagement and increase conversions:

  • The sender’s logo should be at the top of every well-designed HTML message, telling the recipient that the email is really from this company. Of course the logo should be linked to the sender’s home page for a single-click visit.
  • The graphics and color scheme used in the HTML email should be the same or similar to that used on the sender’s website. This consistency is essential for visual branding, but also makes it easier for recipients to follow and understand if the graphics and layout are familiar. It is especially helpful to maintain some consistency in the look and location of critical links and icons.
  • “Call to action” buttons are graphical signposts that should almost shout to the subscriber “click here”! These buttons need to be easy to find, with eye-catching colors and graphics, and should take the reader directly to the product or service being promoted. This is your “conversion trigger”!
  • Be sure that your most interesting content is at the top and preferably to the left, because that’s how most recipients read emails.
  • Use alternate text for all images if you know an ISP blocks them. Subscribers need to know what each image is about before deciding to click on it.
  • Be sure to create a plain text version of your email to send alongside the HTML version for those who prefer it (or block images) and for mobile devices.
  • Try to keep the width of your email between 600-650px. to provide optimal readability.
  • Before you send your message, it’s wise to test it in all available email boxes and ISPs. It doesn’t take long and will help ensure that your spectacular HTML email design doesn’t get demolished or flagged before it gets viewed!

By now, you should be convinced that HTML messages can improve email marketing CTR. So don’t wait another minute…grab one of over 300 GetResponse beautiful HTML templates, then try out our tips and watch your CTR grow!

  • I was always taught that plain text emails were the safer option, so this article opened my eyes, and hopefully more emails 🙂





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