How to Increase Conversions with Facebook CTA Button


Facebook hasn’t exactly been making it easy for advertisers to promote their business recently. Unless, of course, they’re willing to spend their dollars on paid distribution. So this little free addition is a nice surprise that can help increase conversions on your business Facebook page.

We mentioned the Facebook CTA earlier in our recent post on the latest Facebook video features. As the very name suggests, the button can encourage your fans to take certain actions straight from your Facebook page and send them, for example, to a landing page, video or app.

Although the Facebook CTA button for business pages was launched a couple of months ago, chances are you might not have used it yet. So here’s a brief tutorial on how to set it up — it’s really easy.


Facebook CTA button


To add a CTA button to your page:


1. Go to your Facebook Page’s cover photo and click Create Call-to-Action.

Tip: Make sure your cover photo design doesn’t obscure the button for visitors. Also, keep in mind that mobile users — at least for now ­— won’t see the CTA button, so perhaps it’s better not to confuse them with additional graphics pointing to the button.


2. Choose your call to action from the following list:


    • Book Now – Take your fans to sites to buy tickets for events you organize.
    • Contact Us – Take them to your contact form or customer support page.
    • Use App – Link to a Facebook app, such as a contest created for your fans. If you have your own mobile app you want the to download, you can link to it here, too.
    • Play Game – Engage them in your online game.
    • Shop Now – Take them to your e-store for more conversions from Facebook.
    • Sign Up – Take them to your newsletter sign-up form or a site where they can create an account for your service.
    • Watch Video – Show a video explaining your services and features.


3. Paste the link of a site where you want to send people.

Tip: Add a Google Analytics tracking link to see how many conversions (sales, sign-ups, etc.) have come specifically from the button.


4. Choose the destination link for mobile users. You can either send them to the same page or link to an app, if you have one.

Tip: If you’re sending them to a landing page, make sure it’s optimized for mobile.


5. Click “Create”.


6. Track the results in Facebook Insights. As a page admin, you’ll see the number of clicks from the past week to the right of your cover photo, along with page likes and post reach. If you enable Google Analytics tracking, you can also track actual conversions (sign-ups, purchases etc.)


Facebook CTA stats


Tip: Change the call-to-action periodically to achieve different goals and see what works best for your business.

So as you can see, it’s really a no-brainer. It may look like a small addition, but it can bring you additional traffic from Facebook absolutely for free. Test the CTA button with different content and see what approach yields the best results for you. Or have you tried it already? Share your results in the comments.

P.S. Speaking of Facebook, just recently we’ve reached the 100,000 fan mark on our Facebook page. See the video we made specially for this occasion!